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‘WHO or WHY’ versus ‘WHAT and HOW’ !

IF you follow the blame game  you will forever frustrate,  stress and block your own path to excellence.  The WHO is to blame and  WHY  may never be answered.

You are joining millions of others who listen to the  motor mouth media,  news casters,  commentators,  who slant the news out of context with opinionated twisted dialog and propaganda.  93%  negative makes for higher ratings and BIG BUCKS!

Further accommodating the news are the  politicians who hold America hostage via their illegal monopoly called  republican & democrat  who are infamous for their distortion of the facts merely to fit their own agendas.

What does all this leave?  7% positive about  ‘Ma & Pa’  who work and struggle everyday to put food on the table and a roof over their head for their families.  That means veterans, seniors, minorities, children and those who sacrifice for the benefit of the world and who are hardly ever on prime time news.

SO  what’s the answer to this worldwide problem which leaves us  angry and depressed,  that leads us down the road to nowhere?

WHAT & HOW !!!  That means  what  are we going to do about it and  how  are we going to do it.  Problems  were mean’t to be solved.  The challenge lies in what each one of us is going to do to bring about solution.

We’re talking a personal responsibility we all must  share.  Once we define the real problem  (WHAT),  we are more than half way there.  Now comes the  (HOW),  the steps to change  problems to solutions. 

There is no change in  ‘who & why’  only in  WHAT & HOW.  We have not progressed from a world of wars,  destruction and discrimination,  to one of peace and harmony.  The path to  utopia lies in the ability and positive action each human can bring to this planet we all live on.

Let’s answer  WHAT  we can do and  HOW  we can work together to make it happen.

Author: Doc Gene





*DID you ever sit out on your patio and think  WOW  beautiful weather,  great things to do and all is well with the world?*

THEN that  FLY;   a tiny microscopic sized insect;  jets into your nose holes,  darts into your eyeballs,  buzzes your ears,  rides free into your mouth on every inhalation !!!

HERE you’re a 170 lb  human,  maybe a big shot  CEO,  a star athlete,  the Pope or billionaire AND you’re surrounded!

WHAT to do? You frantically swing your arms,  slug the air with your fists,  swear like a banshee while the whole neighborhood on patios enjoys your performance.

HOW do you save face?  Soon all your DEFENSES  are down,  your  OFFENSE  quits and you realize your quarterbacking  this master manipulating object that’s got you SACKED!

SURRENDER?  Finally you run for cover inside,  giving up your territory.

WHOOPS……what does this remind you of?  They wear $5000. suits,  pompous hairdos,  lush in perks and park it in Washington D.C.

HALLOWEEN is timely to match their already FREAKY face lifts,  nose jobs,  hair pieces of which is never appropriate.  Thank God for the holidays.

These media flys  are in your face,  wallowing in your TV/Radio space,  smothering your  (what’s left of intellect) with their (love of self)  propaganda.  All the while you benefit from brainwashing, higher taxes, cable fees and tranquilizers.

SOLUTION:  1st Set up a NO FLY ZONE,  2nd Build a B.S. Defense,  3rd Launch a SWAT War Offense,  4th Declare a  BUG FREE SOCIETY !!!

LASTLY:  Wish them  A FRIENDSHIP PRAYER:  “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of those persons who screw up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.”   AMEN

Author: Doc Gene



AMERICANS   overdose  on  I WANT!   The  population  breeds  illness  care,  mental  poverty,  criminal  minds.

HEALTH  CARE  SOLUTIONS:  Export  the  overweight  kids  to  China.  Eat  rice,  ride  bicycles  and  plant  in  the  fields.  NO  KIDDING,   these  Chinese  kids  in  elementary  school  learn  several  languages  and  excel  in  science  and  math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn  Latin & Greek  because  your  GIBBERISH  is  reducing  English  to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm  teachers  with   SPRAY  GUNS   filled  with  HAPPY  GAS!

CRIME  SOLUTIONS:  Bring  back  the  chain  gang  and  rebuild  our  infrastructure.  Send  criminals  to  ‘Commander ‘ET’  in  Roswell  New  Mexico!

NOW  LET’S  BE  SERIOUS:  Education  has  a  direct  relationship  to  crime,  health  and  the  economy.  Be  part  of  the  solution  “SASA  KIDS  8  To  108”  &   get  your  ‘Instant  Fix’  with:

“GOTCHA: The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed, But Here’s What You Can Do About It.” 

Authors:  Neihardt & Smith  ASK  you  to  light  up  your  life  with  FUN  cartoons  and  CATCHY  stories,  learning  and  laughing  your  way  through  today’s  troubled  world!



IF  you  really  have  a  DOWN  DAY  and feel unmotivated……just  turn  on  the  TV  and  watch  some  commercials.

Out  of  shape  people  appear……JUST  TAKE  SOME  TESTOSTERONE……blares  across  the  screen  and  like  them  you’re  JUMPING  out  of  windows  because  now  you’re  UP  longer  than  down.

You  took  the  WRONG  PILL……(Cialis  or  Viagra)  and  how  did  you  end  up  in  that  strange  bedroom?  Suddenly  you  can  RUN  a  nonstop  WORLD  RECORD  just  to  find  your  way  back  home.  Bet  you  forgot  to  take  your  (tranquilizer)   or   (sleeping  pill)  instead.

WHAT  TO  DO……well  just  CHANGE  the  channel  and  hey  there’s  a couple  in  their  70’s  covered  with  grease  paint  to  look  like  their  in  their  30’s……but  who  cares  that’s  nothing!  Your  only  thought  is  DIVE  OUT  that  window  BUT  pointing  right  at  you  is  a  GUN  with  a  TERRORIST  on  the  other  end  of  it!

WHAT  TO  DO……GRAB  your  (heart medicine)  and offer  him  some.  QUICK……light  up  a  (marijuana  cigarette)  and  blow  a  SMOKE  SCREEN  so  you  can  crawl  over  your  (back  brace)  and  change  the  channel  to  football!

DON’T  WORRY……the  idiot  on  TV  can’t  see  you  as  you  wake  up  from  any  NIGHTMARES  and  find  yourself  on  the  MOON  instead  cause  you  fell short  trying  to  escape  to  MARS.

Ohhh……one  thing  I  forgot  to  tell you……that  knocking  on  your  door  right  now  is  the  FBI  who  monitored  your  phone  calls  and  emails.  BIG  BROTHER  also  confiscated  all your  confessions  on  social  networks……meaning  all of  this  constitutes  YOU’RE  UNDER  ARREST……and……you  never  left  the  HOUSE!!!

LAUGH LAB – FOREST FIRES? You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet !!!


Gads,  these  ads  got  me  all  confused.  First  I’m  given ‘ NIAGRA’  and  feel  like  I  can  swim  up  stream.  Then  I  tried  ‘SEE ALICE’  and  suddenly  playing  golf  w/o  clubs  looked  awfully  good  to  me.

Oh  but  you  haven’t  seen  anything  yet.  I  take  this  ‘STICK’  and  rub  it  under  my  arm  pits  and  low  and  behold  I’m  AIR  BORNE!  I  guess  they  call  it  ‘TESTOSTERMOST’  but  wait  I  get  this  shot  in  the  arm  and  ‘Mars’  doesn’t  seem  that  far  away  because  I’ve  been  STEROIDIZED!

But  that’s  nothing  because  after  all that,  I  get  EGM,  ‘ELEPHANT  GROWTH  MORONS’   or  maybe  it’s  HGH,  ‘HUMAN  GROWTH  HORRORMONES.’

Well  now  I’m  embarrassed  because  everything  on  me  seems  bigger,  stronger,  and  women  love  me  because  I  can  fly  like  ‘Superman’  and  climb  like  ‘Spiderman.’  

I  said  ‘Uppers  n  Downers’  right,  where’s  the  Downers?  No  problem,  I  swim  the  ‘English Channel,’    run  up  ‘Mt. Everest,  fly  to  the  ‘Moon’  and  the  women  all know  I’m  gonna  come  back  for  more.  These  ‘Elephant  Growth  Morons’  or  ‘Human  Growth  Horrormones’  always  put  me  up  today  and  down  tomorrow.

But  I’m  happy  cause  I  tripped  out  on  ‘EGOTIZERS’  and  now  it’s  down  town  cause  I’m  ‘flaked  out,  left  out,   put  out’  and   LIGHTS  OUT !!!

Ha  Ha  Ha,   there  ain’t  NO  fire  left  to  put  OUT !



Mount  your  horse  and  tighten  that  holster,  it’s  back  to  the  ‘good guys’  all of them armed including  ‘pistol  packin  Mommas’   with  the  instructions  of  whenever  the  ‘bad  guys’  are tryin  to  take  you  out,  you  just  take  10  steps  forward  or  backward,  (depending on how good you are)  pull  out  your  pistol  and  then  FIRE  AWAY!!!

All’s  fair  in  love  and  war.  No  more  machine  guns,  automatic  rifles  or  tomahawks  allowed.  No  more  criminals,  crazies,  nut cakes,  basking  for  life  in  our  comfy  prisons,  soaking  up  the  good life  of  TV,  4 squares  and  writing  for  profit  ‘get  rich  quick’  books.

Saddle  up  as  ‘HORSES’  on  the  ‘White  House’   lawn  instead  of  ‘Marches’   in  the  street  gets  the  attention  of  the  lobbyists,  special  interest  groups  and  breaks  up  the  parties  battling  under  Republican  or  Democrat.  

Now’s  the  time  to  DRAW  those  WATER  PISTOLS  and  blast  into  law,  quote:  “Any  moronic  Washington  Senator  or  Congressman  who  won’t  shut  up  nor  take  this  seriously,  has  to  prove  he  can  walk  on  water.”

The  ‘Wild West’  of  yesteryear  comes  back  to  life  today  in  this  21st  century.  No  more  free  speech,  courts,  jury  duty  or  debate  on  ‘gray areas.’   It’s  strictly  ‘black n white’  now  cause  we  might  have  a  police  state  if  we  DARE  to  ENFORCE  LAW.

You’re  right,  the  good  ole  USA  is  NUMBER  ONE !!!

Be  proud  that  in  the  world  we’re  #1  in  violence,  crime,  gun  ownership  with  glaring  yearly  statistics  in  the  U.S.  that  8,000  of  over  12,000  ‘murders’  are  by  ‘guns.’

WHOSE  NEXT?   On  your  way  to  school,  the  grocery  store,  shopping,  to  a friend’s  house???

WANNA  SOLUTION?   ‘PREVENTION’!    Because  it’s  not  ‘Who or Why’   but  ‘WHAT  n  HOW.’


Did  you  ever  stop  to  think  about  internet  words?

Who  would  have  thought  Google,  Twitter,  Flicker,  Yelp,  Kobo,  Skype  or  selfies  could  get  past  your  English  teacher.

10  yr  olds  have  turned  gibberish  into  language  while  6  yr  olds  make  adults  look  stupid.  Take  texting  the  modern  day  short  hand,  now  looks  like  bloops  and  blurps  on  your  screen  where  you  must  have  spilled  something  and  forgot  to  wipe  it  off.

Get  stuck?   Try  looking  it  up  in  the  dictionary.  WHAT  DICTIONARY?

Internet  technology  advances  at  the  speed  of  light.   WHAT,   you  blinked  your  eye!  TOUGH,  you  just  lost  it  and  now  your  grand kid’s  gotta  rescue  you.

Ever  try  to  talk  or  carry  on  a  conversation  with  one  of  these  species?  If  face  to  face;  after  removal  of  ear  wires,  goggles  and  headgear;  just  have  them  outstretch  their  hands  with  fingers   moving  like  typing  AND  you  actually  can  communicate.

Don’t  feel  bad  if  you’re  a  thing  of  the  past  like  an  M.D.,  Ph.D,  CEO  or  GOD  himself.  The  vast  world  of  the  internet  has  transformed  your  10  yr  old  into  the  WIZARD  OF  OZ.

NO  WORRY,  just  pat  him  or her on  the  back  and  CELEBRATE!   He/She’s  in  the  IN  ZONE  and  you’re  on  your  way  OUT!  


*Robin Williams  was not only a talented and extraordinary performer but he gave to his fans a telling example of substance abuse,  depression and addiction.  His lifestyle of  ‘stress’  (always on stage)  prevented him from knowing himself.  Though he underwent traditional therapies,  health care professionals and addiction authorities can easily see that his own personal issues were never resolved.

We;  the Smiths;  have for over 4 decades trained over  20,000  client/patients, afflicted with  (alcoholism,  prescription/illicit drug abuse,  psychiatric disturbances)  who suffered from ‘stress,  depression,  obesity,  diabetes and suicide.’  Our 3M’s Therapy Inc,  was the only clinic in the world with a 97%  success rate.  Emphasis was strictly on teaching the patient to  (become their own best therapist).  Accomplished by  “PAPP- Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems”  and taught through  “TNT- Training Not Treatment.”    The Wall Street Journal quoted: “The toughest program in the nation.”

*Robin Williams nor millions of other suffering souls needed to commit suicide from the painful side of their lives,  not from the better bits and pieces of their lives.  Had traditional therapies focused on reaching his inner identity and assisting him in building from there,  ‘prevention’  would have made the difference in  ‘saving’  his life.   SUICIDE  IS  A  PLEA  TO  LIVE,  NOT  TO  DIE !!!

During our clinical years in admittance of patients,  90%  were diagnosed with stress and depression,  98%  diagnosed with low fitness level,  70%  diagnosed overweight or obese,  73%  diagnosed with multiple addictions.  100% of these patients came from a  ‘socially addicted society’  which revealed hundreds of combinations of addictions that enslave each and every one of us.  Therefore  “Social Addictions”  was discovered and mastered throughout for:  “Addiction  Is  Not  A  Problem,  It’s  A  Process.”

Our ‘practice’  that became  ‘patient practice’  created the longevity of success further documented in our book:  “Mind Matter Motion – Your Animal Therapy In The 21st Century.”  Now on our website:      available to ‘families and communities’   who can benefit from its  ‘mini pkt’  program.

Presently for  (teens,  parents,  families)  in all communities,  authors:  Neihardt & Smith  recently released their new E-book:  “GOTCHA”- The Whole World Is Angry And Depressed,  But Here’s What You Can Do About It.”

They  INVITE  YOU  to light up your life with FUN cartoons,  explosive wording and outrageous stories, LEARNING  and  LAUGHING  your way through today’s troubled world.  EASY FIND:  (Xlibris,  Kobo, Amazon,  Barnes and Noble).  Contact:

***URGENT!   Do not be alone,  talk to your doctor,  family,  friends.  Call 911



EDUCATION  has a direct relationship to   CRIME – HEALTH  &  The  ECONOMY!

The new  TERRORISM  is an inside job,  IGNORANCE!

Student  ILLITERACY  in reading,  writing,  comprehension,  math,  science.

DROP  OUTS  in all our American schools.

Slaves to  ADDICTION  in electronics,  prescription & illicit drugs.

BULLIES  ruling their victims.

PREDATORS  enslaving our women, our youth.

KILLERS  freed by attorneys manipulating the laws.

FEAR  of being labeled  ‘Whistle Blowers.’


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