Video Introduction

GOTCHA – The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed,
BUT Here’s What You Can Do About It”

*Authors BLAST OFF in EXPLOSIVE wording
with OUTRAGEOUS cartoons that will
LIGHT up your life with FUN & FURY!


No Time To Cry
“I look at the impossible
as the gateway to success.”
(Music & Lyrics written & sung by
former Broadway Singer, Gene Richards)

Rap Don’t Cry
“Even Bdwy Singers like
to shock tradition.” (Gene)

National Anthem
“I’m proud to be a U.S. Navy Veteran.”

“I cared enough to risk the run in 1992
for President of the United States &
for U.S. Congress in 2000.”

“I am honored to sing ‘The National Anthem’
for our country.
(former Broadway Singer, Gene Richards)