LAUGH or CRY !!!

*MOTIONOSIS……Motionosis……what is this strange word?

Find out  how to be the  MOSTEST……go to the web find your  DIAGNOSIS.

Under your nose get easy  PROGNOSIS.

Keep your focus with  MOTIONOSIS.


This word  Motionosis  is not in the dictionary.  Scholars do not know what it is.  Government thinks it’s  ‘suspicious.’  Psychiatrists think it’s a ‘psychosis.’  Scientists think it’s from  ‘outer spaces.’


Kids…parents…families run to the nearest computer and click on:

And find a map to  EVER  EVER  LAND.

Only those who don’t click in……will stay prisoner in  NEVER  NEVER  LAND.

GOTTA  GET  that  “SASA FLASH”  FIX……or  WATCH OUT  for whose   “GOTCHA”!!!


Author: Doc Gene




Ever stand real still next to a bubbling  ‘stream’  or lean against a  ‘tree’?

You can sense a definite  ‘purpose’  there because everything in  ‘nature’  has a plan and you can almost feel it at work.

The same for a  ‘human being’  if they would only be still inside long enough to  ‘listen’  for it.

Seems that the  first half’   of  life is  ‘blown’   spending a fortune we don’t even have.  The  ‘second half’  is ‘saving’  a lost than found treasure, the most valuable of all.

If you’ve done alot of living……you cease being an authority.


Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith              



WAKE  UP  and understand how the  ‘complacency’  of our ‘political supremacy’  continues to bury us alive in spite of   (Pearl Harbor…Oklahoma Bombing…Twin Towers…Boston Marathon Bombing)  all of which  SHOCKED  yet numbed our nation.  It took the  SUICIDE  BOMBING  of our  AMERICA’S  HEARTLAND  to  WAKE  UP  AMERICA!!!


Is it enough of a lesson here to make it a priority to clean up our act at home as well as abroad?  The greatest  CRIME  of all time is the  CRY OF OUR VETERANS.  The thousands who died for our freedom and those who survived still suffering from total neglect.   

Has our  ‘tolerance’  of  ‘crime’  running rampant in our streets,  ‘corruption’  in our governments,  ‘inhumane acts’  against our own peoples,  knit the very fabric of our society?

Do we want the  ‘FOOLS HAVE FORGOTTEN’  to be our  ‘theme song’  instead of the  RED-WHITE & BLUE?  When will our  ‘narcissism’  ever give way to a constructive integration of differences. 

‘America’  it’s okay to celebrate your hopes and dreams,  your best of intentions,  but it is  UNFORGIVABLE  to turn your backs on your own people,  your own problems for decades which could have made the difference today.

We have a choice ‘to be or not to be’  buried in the rubble of our own  ‘complacency.’  IS  THIS  HOW WE  HONOR  OUR  ‘VETERANS’?

MEMORIAL  HOLIDAY  was not a holiday for our troops and loved ones,  it was literally  D – DAY!!!         In memory of these brave souls,  let’s each pay our  ‘respects by helping’  one another not just in the  ‘bad times,’   but especially in the  ‘good times.’   What greater gift could be given to our ‘Vets.’  

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith              








“HEALTHWEALTH”  is an ongoing  ‘process’   which supersedes all else and can be ‘taken with’  you.

Any  material gain is merely icing on the cake whether it be achieved by fraud or honesty AND   ‘cannot’  be  ‘taken with’  you.

Most important is the kind of  luggage  you will carry when you  ‘leave this earth’  physically and the ‘contents’  in that luggage  ‘left’  behind.

‘lifetime’  is our greatest lesson so why not  ‘lighten the load’  no matter what road we travel.


Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith  




One at a time we go……while remembering life’s dying embers.

Did the seeds that we planted…become the deeds ever haunted.

How the light did shine over darkened discomfort…as we hurdled over the good and the bad.

Glimpses of faces and far away places…became the filler of where we’ve been.

Time seems merely an illusion…a day, a month, then years in the passing…leaving only seconds left to realize that we were once there.   

Where to now as darkness hovers toward another unknown…awaiting to be born unto a new light bearing the known.

Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith  






How is it that the  ‘tormented soul’  of a  GIFTED  ARTIST  fails to see the value of its  ‘mark’  in living the course of any lifetime.

I play to a  GREATER  STAGE  rather than to one performance.

Where is the  ‘loyalty’  to the  ‘greater audience’  other than the audience of a single lifetime.

There is  SIGNIFICANCE  in everything which makes a  ‘wondrous  journey’  out of every lifetime.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith  



We’re all ‘travelers’  through time.  Seeking and searching we must.  So ‘young’  in years are we,  wondering what seems to be.  Yet ‘old’  are we in centuries,  knowing what must be.

Many times we witness familiarities,  traveling over the ‘ancient paths’  of time.  Yet a  ‘newness’  found each time we’ve grown that extra inch.

With each passing day,  more to learn about the ‘measurement’  of self.  How fascinating,  how exciting,  the  ‘mystery’  which lies before us in solving  ‘ourselves.’  

But in these journeys always remember,  ‘we have learned much……yet we have learned little.’

Just think,  the  ‘shaping and forming’  that someday fills this mold,  is like the  ‘rough stone’  rolling over the hills of time,  until it arrives a  ‘polished one.’  

GROWTH   like a ‘rose’  from ‘seed to bloom’   is complete which is  ‘everlasting’  which is  ETERNAL.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith





There is a  JOY  in living.  In order to experience complete joy,  ’emotions’  in many departments need be ‘felt.’

There is a  WHOLENESS  achieved unlike anything else……and only arrived at after the feeling of these varied  ‘experiences.’

I believe that  PAIN  is one of our  ‘greater teachers.’  Not in the literal sense of inflicting injury upon another……but through one’s own individual self as in the ‘sacrifice’  of the ‘careless self’   through the acts of  ‘discipline and reason.’

The ability to  DEVELOP  to our  ‘maximum capabilities’  is what determines the depth of the dimension.

Just to be a human is most remarkable.  A  ‘living,  breathing,  thinking’  BEING  that has no limitations until one creates them.

The many things there are before us and each equipped with the  ‘basic tools’  to explore them.

Surely then it is to be thought that all  SHARE  the same thing in  ‘common.’  Each owning an individual responsibility to the task of further developing us……a  MASS CONTRIBUTION  toward ‘humankind.’    

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith  


Is there any greater moment to witness in life then to feel within one’s self,  the light of  GROWTH?

Throughout time we go plodding along in a routine of staleness,  seemingly not to progress in any particular direction.  Then suddenly born from those  ‘few extra steps taken’  there is covered a milestone along our course.

Obviously enough it is advertised all around us,  if we only care to  ‘see or hear’  it.

In the  ANIMAL  KINGDOM  is there anything displayed more  ‘spirited’  as a  ‘horse race.’  Each time their noses touch that starting gate,  they know to  ‘give’  their all around that track.  Each time as though it were the last,  brand new in ‘courage and stamina,’   excited with another chance to try,  for this moment  ‘marks’  the road of  ‘life’  ahead.  

In the  PLANT KINGDOM  has anything displayed more  ‘faithfulness’  in showing up every time regardless of the weather.  I’ve seen a small  ‘tree sprout buds’  of greenery before my very eyes during the middle of a late  ‘snow storm,’  because it was April and time for Spring.

All the  LIVING THINGS   have a job to do and busy themselves  ‘doing’  it,  fulfilling their  ‘purpose.’

NOTICE  those  HUMAN BEINGS  who stand idly by,  scratching their heads in wonderment of the endless successes of others,  without realizing that they are  ‘spending and squandering’  their own time as the wealthy spend their money.

HOW  often does a  ‘human cry’  out from  ‘wishful thinking’  if they could only  ‘turn back’  the wheels of time.  An outright confession of their own guilt in wasting time.

THINK  about the  ‘brave souls’  struggling for their lives in hospitals or the driving forging living spirit throughout the fierce battle field of  ‘war’  or international  ‘sports.’ 

WHY  never before such importance until those moments……that  FIGHT  to  WIN!!!

Just try to imagine;  taking into consideration the brief moments of our existence;  that if all efforts and enthusiasm were found to be important and practiced each day,  adding to this  ‘alertness and awareness’  of the world and those around us,  what fantastic  ‘transformation’  of our lives could occur.

The  FIRST STEP  starts with your  ‘mind’  and the altering of  ‘attitudes.’   Vital in importance is to discover what  ‘mental food’  you are feeding yourself that might come under the dangerous label of ‘mental poisoning.’  

Take  a second  LOOK  around,  what more living  ‘proof’  is needed to convince you.

There are so many things to cover,  roads to travel through ‘life’s journey.’   Life is full and all around you,  bursting forth with ‘invitation’  awaiting your ‘participation.’  What tragedy befalls those who travel life’s paths harboring indifference as their companion.

ONE CAN and must  SEE  the  ‘beauty’  in things.  Put forth their  ‘efforts’  to fulfill their meaning and rightful ‘purpose.’  

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith