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ELECTIONS – What’s That?

Mid  Term — Congress!    Mid  Term — Senate!

America, since when is your position  “Politics is not our policy”???  Everyday you live with your problems,  you complain all year long and yet the private sector takes the stand:  politics is not our policy. America, I think it long overdue that you’re put on the front lines and questioned.

IF  politics  is such a  dirty word to you,  why do you keep voting in politicians?  Did you ever stop your dizzy spin long enough to think that there could be another alternative?  Why haven’t you thought about some men and women in the private sector are perfectly capable of serving their country on political hill.  Aren’t qualified people for political office good enough for you or is it that you do not have the intelligence to know the difference.

Those few outsiders who have thrown their hats in the political ring  (the very ones who could help you) are destroyed by your position: “Politics is not our policy.”  Didn’t you know that your ignorant views treat that legitimate candidate as a criminal?  Don’t you realize that closing your doors to outsiders means they have nothing left but the media to turn to and this medium makes your choices for you?

Can you understand the insult to a legitimate candidate’s integrity who has to crawl around behind the scenes, pleading to be heard, while being blocked by our so called  FREEDOM  OF  THE  PRESS?

Have you ever taken the RISK to RUN for office in the United States of America  as you profess it to be a FREE COUNTRY?

Can you imagine what it is to personally put your savings on the line,  stop income for 18 mo’s,  work under pressure with no pay thru 16 hr days,  have doors slammed in your face,  be buried in lip service,  be harassed by the majority that rivals assault and battery,  undergo life threatening events?

Wake up America  and take a closer look because you’ve been shooting yourself in the foot for decades.  In this MID TERM ELECTION – 2014, are you repeating the same thing all over again?  Are the statistical results of American voting going to demonstrate the probability that you’re unqualified to vote?  Is your decision based on running with the packs rather than reason?

How much longer ‘as a people’ are you going to allow  GRAFT,  FRAUD,  CORRUPTION,  instead of finding ways to take your country back.

In this writer’s family we have long served our country both in the government and private sector. And don’t think for one moment that running for political office shouldn’t be added to the tally.  Those of you who were and are Veterans have fought for this country.  Now don’t you think that it’s time for the rest of you to fight your fair share?   

Do your homework,  read congressional reports,   NOT  ‘MEDIA’ !!!

                                     *VOTE AN INTELLIGENT VOTE*

Author: A candidate’s wife,   Elaine Neihardt Smith      www.motionOsis.com










Journalism  ISN’T  JOURNALISM  anymore  today.  It’s  a  bunch  of  VIPERS  foaming  at  the  mouth  squabbling  over  what  gets  them  the  best  television  ratings.

The  news  carries  ANCHORS  who  don’t  report  the  news,  they  make  the  news.  Their  INFERENCES  are  sly  and  cleverly  slipped  into  dialog.

Get  a  load  of  those  POLITICAL  ANALYSTS  who  are  having  a  field  day  by  DIGGING  up  the  DEAD  and  bringing  them  back  to  life,  again  competing  for  television  ratings.

NEWS  TODAY  is  no  different  than  back  in  the  ROMAN  DAYS   when  the  King  would  ENTERTAIN    his  party  at  the  coliseum  by  throwing  citizens  into  the  ring  and  releasing  lions  to  MASSACRE    them.  Doesn’t  this  sound  a  bit  familiar  with  today’s  SPORTS !

OH  but  that’s  OK,  there’s  the  SOFT  TOUCH  at  the  end  of  the  news  program  called  “Making  A  Difference.’

COMON  NOW,  don’t  you  feel  as  if  your  getting  GOOSED  with  a  SUPER  FINGER?  The  21st Century  massage  job?  How  many  of  you  would  really  like  to  say:  “I’M  DAMNED  MAD  &  I’M  NOT  GONNA   TAKE  IT  ANYMORE !!!

BUT  GUESS  WHAT !  You’re  gonna  go  right  on  watching  while  cleverly  they  keep  jabbing  that  brainwashing  down  your  throat.  MIND  GAMES?  You’re  under  the  biggest  SNOW  JOB  that  has ever  hit  this  country.

Hey,  do  me  a  favor,  throw  some  raw  bait  into  the  ocean  where  there’s shark  nearby  and  get  your  KICKS  from  a  SHARK  FRENZY  instead  of  padding  those  MOTOR  MOUTH  pockets !!!

OR  if  you  enjoy  human  misery,  try  going  slumming  through  poverty  stricken  neighborhoods.  WHY  NOT  WAKE  UP  AMERICA,  get  off  your  couches  and  TURN  OFF  YOUR  TELEVISION  SETS !!!    What  have  you  got  to  lose,  INSANITY ???

AMERICA  comon  back  to  America  and  don’t  stand  for  anything  less.  Speak  OUT,  Throw  OUT,  Wipe  OUT  that  SICKNESS  coming  across cable  or  satellite  that’s  spreading  a  more  DEADLY  DISEASE  than  EBOLA !

!GOOD NEWS! *United States of America*

International News BOOMS’ with GLOOM’  but don’t take it as DOOM’!!!

All is but a  WARNING  NOT  an  ENDING.

A great country is only as GREAT as WE MAKE IT……and we’re just beginning.  

Now add on all the experience we’ve had and there’s NOTHING that can STOP US from being  GREATER  than we’ve EVER BEEN  BEFORE !!!

‘This  is  the  ‘essence’  of  America’


Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith                        www.motionOsis.com







WAKE  UP  and understand how the  ‘complacency’  of our ‘political supremacy’  continues to bury us alive in spite of   (Pearl Harbor…Oklahoma Bombing…Twin Towers…Boston Marathon Bombing)  all of which  SHOCKED  yet numbed our nation.  It took the  SUICIDE  BOMBING  of our  AMERICA’S  HEARTLAND  to  WAKE  UP  AMERICA!!!


Is it enough of a lesson here to make it a priority to clean up our act at home as well as abroad?  The greatest  CRIME  of all time is the  CRY OF OUR VETERANS.  The thousands who died for our freedom and those who survived still suffering from total neglect.   

Has our  ‘tolerance’  of  ‘crime’  running rampant in our streets,  ‘corruption’  in our governments,  ‘inhumane acts’  against our own peoples,  knit the very fabric of our society?

Do we want the  ‘FOOLS HAVE FORGOTTEN’  to be our  ‘theme song’  instead of the  RED-WHITE & BLUE?  When will our  ‘narcissism’  ever give way to a constructive integration of differences. 

‘America’  it’s okay to celebrate your hopes and dreams,  your best of intentions,  but it is  UNFORGIVABLE  to turn your backs on your own people,  your own problems for decades which could have made the difference today.

We have a choice ‘to be or not to be’  buried in the rubble of our own  ‘complacency.’  IS  THIS  HOW WE  HONOR  OUR  ‘VETERANS’?

MEMORIAL  HOLIDAY  was not a holiday for our troops and loved ones,  it was literally  D – DAY!!!         In memory of these brave souls,  let’s each pay our  ‘respects by helping’  one another not just in the  ‘bad times,’   but especially in the  ‘good times.’   What greater gift could be given to our ‘Vets.’  

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith                        www.motionOsis.com







*STORY 6* MEDIA MANIA…MAYDAY!…MAYDAY! – “Earth Air Water And People”


How have we allowed JOURNALISTIC JUNK to rule our universe?  Journalism once practiced truth allowing only facts that supported it.  Today they voice the degradation of our society for the sake of ratings.  Proof……NEGATIVE has become our daily DOSE,  positive has become our history.

Political rhetoric rages thru our networks as MEDIA JUNKIES thrive on mass CHAOS provoking riot!  The “Great American Ripoff”  sucking billions of bucks $$$ raping our rights,  preventing fulfillment of human needs.

Is our 237 yr old USA so young it cannot learn from societies thousands of years old?  How dare we allow ourselves as a nation to abuse one another breeding poverty,  crime,  corruption!  Is HOPE as far as we get solving our problems?

Out here,  not on the Hill,  WE KNOW that there exists HEROES among us.  WE KNOW as ordinary people when we extend ourselves WE CAN DO extraordinary things.  WE KNOW  that next door or down the street our friends and neighbors are sick and tired of STINKING THINKING!

WAKE UP AMERICA…Hollywood is no longer in Beverly Hills California,  It’s in Washington D.C.!

WAKE UP WASHINGTON…abolish parties and have one BIG PARTY…The American People!

REFORM the political process minus the media and go internet direct to MainStreet USA.

BANISH obsolete voting methods using new technology for identity via thumbprints or eye photos.

EDUCATE the youth with mandatory subjects teaching a THINKING of bringing opposing forces to common ground.  Demonstrate the consequences of the DO’s & DONT’s in governing a country, a state, a city or town.

AMERICA…become the AMBASSADORS of your country back to your country and when you stand beside your AMERICAN FLAG…you will know you took your country back.

Author/Lane Tech            www.motionOsis.com

Real life stories are taken from professional research and field experiences in national & international TV/Radio media interviews, speaking engagements, consultations by LaneGene Company – Motionosis who accepts no liability for the content or for the consequences of any public action taken on the basis of the information provided. ONLY first names and general locations from MainStreet USA are given for confidentiality.

*STORY 5* !!! GOV’T SHUTDOWN – DEFAULT – MELT DOWN !!! – “Earth Air Water And People”


We are the leaders of the FREE WORLD,  what’s our image?  The richest country in the world!  What kind of  ROLE MODEL  are we when we can’t get our own financial act together.

It’s not  WHOSE  to blame for the bad economy nor  WHY…it’s  WHAT  we can do about it and  HOW!  WHAT  is an  ACTION  word,  WHO  is the  BLAME GAME.  Asking  ‘Who or Why’ will spin your wheels forever because it never will be answered.

I’m confronting what would be called political suicide  because we cannot sit on the side lines and let it continue to KILL!  Take a look…we’ve got psychotics in Washington wearing pompous hairdos and $5000. suits,  performing delusions of grandeur in an insane drama that could win an  OSCAR!

What we have here is internal political TERRORISM!  A literal civil war between political parties,  blatant negativism,  verbal conflicts,  personality assassination,  waste-fraud-corruption  in a circus atmosphere,  all costing tax payers  BILLIONS OF $$$!

As citizens we’re not privy to all those secret sessions behind closed doors,  deserving of the LABEL  “The Good Ole Boys Network”  with their agenda instead of MainStreet USA.

Last time I looked,  MONOPOLIES  were against federal law.  Yet Democratic & Republican Parties keep pushing the labels:  (Liberal – Conservative – Moderate – Right Wing – Left Wing)  which manipulates the real meaning of politics.  This  TREASON & BETRAYAL must not be allowed!  Now add to this mixture our electronic world spewing massive amounts of information that saturates our lives whether  TRUE or FALSE,  where media reports mostly negative.

HOW  are parents, kids, families to  SURVIVE?  Let’s identify that we have a dangerous problem of a possible  MELT DOWN.  Understand that  PROBLEMS  are  CONDITIONS  and made to be solved which means finding a  SOLUTION.

Let’s use  REASON.  Despite the worst bad ass politics,  these  ‘Disneyland On The Potomac Puppets’  protecting their manicured image do not want the blame because they want to get re-elected.  Their selfish motives will motivate their actions.  THINK it out,  there will NOT be a (melt down, gov’t shut down or default).


1.  A $20 Trillion lawsuit against all former and present federally elected.

2. Recall of all 435 U.S.House of Representatives (Democrat/Republican).

3. All candidates must serve their constituents in their district and determine what issues the people decide need to be addressed.

4. Establish a bipartisan committee to examine all candidates on their promised agenda of citizens in their district.

5. If on the recommendations of the bipartisan committee (ordinary citizens) find irregularities, false statements or lacking issues from MainStreet USA agenda,  a mandate to the supreme court will make judgment and file claim against those violators.  A court order will be issued for a recall vote.

6. Each Congressman, Senator, President & Vice President will be held accountable and if they fail to protect citizen rights, they will have serious penalty deductions from their pay checks and be subjected to juvenile court disposition.

ACTION……Raise your right hand and repeat after me:  “This is serious and we are  MAD AS HELL & WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE”!!!      

TUNE IN  to ‘Doc Gene’ on  (You Tube) weekly & hear  WHAT & HOW  not (who & why) on current issues,  their options & consequences.

OH……you wanna know more about me?      SEE:  www.motionOsis.com

Also join millions in the global movement of families (kids & parents).  Just SCROLL DOWN to end of 1st pg,  CASTING CALL,  press button “SASA FLASH” and become an official “SASA KID”!  IT’S PARTY TIME!

Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com

Real life stories are taken from professional research and field experiences in national & international TV/Radio media interviews, speaking engagements, consultations by LaneGene Company – Motionosis who accepts no liability for the content or for the consequences of any public action taken on the basis of the information provided. ONLY first names and general locations from MainStreet USA are given for confidentiality.


A great country is only as great as we make it and being only  ‘237 yrs old’  we’re just beginning. 

Now add on all the experience we’ve had and there’s  NOTHING  that  CAN STOP US  from being  GREATER  THAN   we’ve ever been  BEFORE!   This is the ESSENCE of AMERICA.

Author/Lane            www.motionOsis.com


Terrorist torture continues its wrath in this United States Of America.

The act of destruction toward another human being or property is terrorism at its best.

Rape,  murder,  molesting children,   mental or physical abuse  are all crimes of terror and must be CHARGED  as  TERRORISM.

Wake Up America…or does your  ‘freedom’  or  ‘right to privacy’  get in the way.

This country is  ‘237 yrs’  old,  an infant that doesn’t seem to want to grow up.

Beware of the INEVITABLE…the most powerful force of our own creation. 

Author/Lane            www.motionOsis.com

LAUGH LAB: The Melting Pot Fiasco – Immigration

HEY Jack, come back……I know your white but you said your ancestors did all this.

HELP,  it’s harvest time and you don’t have to worry about the border. Comon and work from dawn till dusk, the 115 degrees is a breeze!

You say you don’t want to?  Wait, there’s more to offer for less than the minimum wage.  You can always take on a second job like…buss boy, dishwasher, gardener and hold out for the best part.  You can do all this without health care……….just die young.

No matter because while your at it pay taxes, buy goods, contribute to the local economy, raise your family and live on a dime.  WAKE UP  Jack……this is the American Dream!

But Jack……don’t you wanna try this for at least just one month?  Didn’t you hear that the farm workers are going on strike?

No food, no service……but Jack you could always leap the fence, learn a new language, say  ‘SI’  and smile for awhile.


24 HRS IN AMERICA – Pick Your Poison!



*Morning Radio/TV news & shows quickly romance the slaughter.

*Evening TV news & shows elaborate the massacre.

*Late nite shows laugh the horror into escapism.

*Finally comes sleep of overactive dreaming to compensate for the unjust reality of  everyday life.

How do we motivate the masses to join our military when they come home to the absence in care for the emotionally disturbed to the hungry helpless homeless vet, living under a bridge?

How can we raise a family when a child is kidnapped, molested & murdered, when the killer can live in our neighborhoods with the restriction they can’t go within 500 ft  of a school or any child?

How do young boys protect themselves from predators who live & work in the hallowed halls of our institutions of church and school?

How does a woman defend herself from violence/rape when state laws disallow her responsible training in the use of pepper spray or sting guns?

How do we allow KILL instead of SKILL driving on our roads & highways?

How do we birth a human being only to send the innocent lambs to a society that slaughters?

How can a small business survive against white collar crime?

How can religion be expected to be our entire safety net?

Does anybody see the GREEN in all this?  The opportunity to design new industries that  implement apprenticeship style training to fill positions that go further than infrastructure.  Rather the infiltration into our American society which focuses on PREVENTION of crime, mental illness, hunger, homeless, etc;

The magnitude of worldly consequences from humankind’s actions throughout the centuries is charging us with its DEBT in this 21st century in a roaring global onslaught.

Welcome to FREEDOM in America….or should I say welcome to what might be left of Planet Earth!      Lane       www.motionOsis.com