Mind Matter Motion











Origin: 3M’s Therapy Clinic


Since 1968: Scientifically Valid.

Borne:  Mind Matter Motion/Social Addictions

Pioneered by BEST SELLING Authors-Athletes-Psychologists, Eugene & Elaine Smith who rediscovered:
Choose Premature Death or “HealthWealth”

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Fascinating book.” President George W. Bush Sr.

“The philosophy and lifestyle projected in you book is enlightening, refreshing and encouraging.” —President Reagan, for Drug Abuse Policy

“I appreciate your participation, interest, time and Support in the vital endeavor, Health Care Reform.” —President Clinton, Health Care Reform

“Thanks for your encouragement and support. Bill and I appreciate your help.” —Hillary Rodam Clinton, Health Care Reform

“Like most works of genius, this one is both simple in style and profound in results.” —Joe Henderson, Editor Runners World

“I cannot overestimate the training value of “Social Addictions.” —David Lince, NFL (Eagles, Rams, Vikings)

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith bring to their practice the combination of professionalism and personal sensitivity to complex human problems.” —Nicoli Kunif, M.D. ,Chief of Psychiatry, V.A. Hospital, Ft. Lyons, CO.