LAUGH LAB: 21ST Century Driver’s Commandments

ONE:  Thou Shalt buckle up in  HONOR  of those who have gone before us.

TWO:  Thou Shalt  REFRAIN  from asking a tourist for directions when lost.

THREE:  Thou Shalt  ADMIRE  ‘hands free’ that motor mouth when their in the absence of others.

FOURTH:  Thou Shalt  SMILE  at the moron pumping gas while pointing to the warning sign that their cell phone could blow the whole station up.

FIVE:  Thou Shalt wave  HAPPILY  at the frantic lane changer who ends up waiting at the same stop before you do.

SIX:  Thou Shalt  JUMP  out of the car and start ‘running in place’ while a police officer writes the speeding ticket.

SEVEN:  Thou Shalt  RESTRAIN  oneself from giving the ‘super finger’ to the maniac who cuts them off in traffic.

EIGHT:  Thou Shalt not  HAUNT  the creep who kills you in a car accident.

NINE:  Thou Shalt  SAVOR  the moment while pulling out of a parking spot because this is when you’re the most loved.

TEN:  Thou Shalt  BLESS  the ground we drive on but pray every day we can stay above it and not below it.

Authored By/Lane


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Philanthropists need a WAKE UP CALL.  There are millions of us out there in ‘Main Street USA’ who do not have the funds to BUILD on an idea or even a life’s work that of which would or has GREATLY contributed to humankind.  There are huge lacks in our society because funding is used as either a write off that pads the pockets of those who operate foundations with minimal amounts given to those who either are non profits or those who cannot even afford to open up a non profit in order to receive funding.

The entire concept is maddening!  It is amazing HOW vast stores of wealth are held up by those who have it or gatekeepers who literally sit on it within a country that has incredulous NEEDS!

Generation after generation passes on the same process while blaring STATISTICS  screaming for HELP continue to rise in the RICHEST COUNTRY in the world!

Credit surely is given to certain wealthy who donate to the tangibles  in this world but how about the INTANGIBLES???  Where are the psychologists who seem to be the only ones aware of the MENTAL aspects of any society?  Mind is an intangible and there is one professional team who mastered  “A Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems”  and attempted to plug its soaring success rates into this unwilling society through its book:  “Mind Matter Motion.”

What is your answer to their life’s work which still is alive and kicking since 1968 but still struggling to contribute their efforts to humankind before they leave this planet???

Authored By/Lane

LAUGH LAB: The Melting Pot Fiasco – Immigration

HEY Jack, come back……I know your white but you said your ancestors did all this.

HELP,  it’s harvest time and you don’t have to worry about the border. Comon and work from dawn till dusk, the 115 degrees is a breeze!

You say you don’t want to?  Wait, there’s more to offer for less than the minimum wage.  You can always take on a second job like…buss boy, dishwasher, gardener and hold out for the best part.  You can do all this without health care……….just die young.

No matter because while your at it pay taxes, buy goods, contribute to the local economy, raise your family and live on a dime.  WAKE UP  Jack……this is the American Dream!

But Jack……don’t you wanna try this for at least just one month?  Didn’t you hear that the farm workers are going on strike?

No food, no service……but Jack you could always leap the fence, learn a new language, say  ‘SI’  and smile for awhile.