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LAUGH LAB: 21ST Century Driver’s Commandments

ONE:  Thou Shalt buckle up in  HONOR  of those who have gone before us.

TWO:  Thou Shalt  REFRAIN  from asking a tourist for directions when lost.

THREE:  Thou Shalt  ADMIRE  ‘hands free’ that motor mouth when their in the absence of others.

FOURTH:  Thou Shalt  SMILE  at the moron pumping gas while pointing to the warning sign that their cell phone could blow the whole station up.

FIVE:  Thou Shalt wave  HAPPILY  at the frantic lane changer who ends up waiting at the same stop before you do.

SIX:  Thou Shalt  JUMP  out of the car and start ‘running in place’ while a police officer writes the speeding ticket.

SEVEN:  Thou Shalt  RESTRAIN  oneself from giving the ‘super finger’ to the maniac who cuts them off in traffic.

EIGHT:  Thou Shalt not  HAUNT  the creep who kills you in a car accident.

NINE:  Thou Shalt  SAVOR  the moment while pulling out of a parking spot because this is when you’re the most loved.

TEN:  Thou Shalt  BLESS  the ground we drive on but pray every day we can stay above it and not below it.

Authored By/Lane