Hello……I’m Lane and here is my New Year’s ‘toast’ to that world out there.

Humans who occupy this planet would best make every day like a holiday in the way of celebrating our purpose here and that is alerting ourselves to act in helping the needs of others.

Opportunity lies in abundance awaiting each one of us to fill a void.  There are countless ways to GIVE in RESPECT for or CARING about others.

I greet each day with the thinking of what ‘good deed’ could I do today?  Remember……people make people sick and people make people well.

There is nothing to lose in spreading GOOD WILL.  Try it you might like it!

Sincerely, Lane    www.motionOsis.com

24 HRS IN AMERICA – Pick Your Poison!



*Morning Radio/TV news & shows quickly romance the slaughter.

*Evening TV news & shows elaborate the massacre.

*Late nite shows laugh the horror into escapism.

*Finally comes sleep of overactive dreaming to compensate for the unjust reality of  everyday life.

How do we motivate the masses to join our military when they come home to the absence in care for the emotionally disturbed to the hungry helpless homeless vet, living under a bridge?

How can we raise a family when a child is kidnapped, molested & murdered, when the killer can live in our neighborhoods with the restriction they can’t go within 500 ft  of a school or any child?

How do young boys protect themselves from predators who live & work in the hallowed halls of our institutions of church and school?

How does a woman defend herself from violence/rape when state laws disallow her responsible training in the use of pepper spray or sting guns?

How do we allow KILL instead of SKILL driving on our roads & highways?

How do we birth a human being only to send the innocent lambs to a society that slaughters?

How can a small business survive against white collar crime?

How can religion be expected to be our entire safety net?

Does anybody see the GREEN in all this?  The opportunity to design new industries that  implement apprenticeship style training to fill positions that go further than infrastructure.  Rather the infiltration into our American society which focuses on PREVENTION of crime, mental illness, hunger, homeless, etc;

The magnitude of worldly consequences from humankind’s actions throughout the centuries is charging us with its DEBT in this 21st century in a roaring global onslaught.

Welcome to FREEDOM in America….or should I say welcome to what might be left of Planet Earth!      Lane       www.motionOsis.com

LAUGH LAB: “I Wanna My Marijuana!

I wanna my marijuana legal or illegal.  The name of this game is dependency. Thousands of  ‘social addictions’  surround any drug.

Don’t be a SAP caught taking a NAP……you’re in a TRAP!  The choice is yours, either MD’s (medical docs) or DD’s (drug dealers).

Go ahead, graduate to harder drugs & join 28.5 million  BRAIN DRAINED Americans age 12+.  Still in DENIAL……so was seat belts, alcohol & smoking.

Wanna get off the hook, only those with debilitating diseases.  SOLUTION:  “Addiction Is Not A Problem, It’s A Process.”  Use it or abuse it.

Meet “SASA”  & get your QUICK FIX !

STOP your psychosis, START new neurosis, GO motionOsis.


LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

AMERICANS overdose on I WANT!  The population breeds illness care, mental poverty, criminal  minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice, ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO KIDDING,  THESE CHINESE KIDS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEARN SEVERAL LANGUAGES & EXCEL IN SCIENCE AND MATH!!!

EDUCATION SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin & Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the chain gang and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to ‘Commander ‘ET’ in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime, health and  the economy. Be part of the solution “SASA KIDS 8 To 108”  Traveling TV Talk Show and national movement.  Educate by getting your INSTANT FIX with “SASA.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.