LAUGH LAB: “Natural NO CUT Brain Surgery”

*Today’s new invasive brain surgery using well known and respected technology has replaced an ancient procedure actually discovered in prehistoric times.  The  ‘AhUghUM’  group;  who at that time had no medical experience;  communicated by  ‘grunts & snorts’  while getting the job done.  Yet despite the lack of scientific validity and medical doctors during  ‘2500 BC’  the art and science of non invasive  ‘Natural No Cut Brain Surgery’  was  BORN.

*As ancient civilization grew into a more modern society,  education got into the act,  sophisticated medicine flourished and  “Natural No Cut Brain Surgery’  was  OUSTED!  Today millions do not,  will not,  or simply dismiss the value of its past breakthrough findings.

*Now with all the scientific proof,  brilliant minds,  geniuses,  technical advances,  leaders and teachers,  most of the general population fails to utilize this  ‘Natural No Cut Brain Surgery.’


*OK……here comes the most unbelievable answer to your questions.  Let’s take the cost.  ARE  YOU  READY???

IT’S  FREE……NO COST……NO $$$……NO  CATCHES……NO  CON!  And it works 100% of the time with  NO  SIDE  EFFECTS,  NO REHAB.

*Let me hear that again……you say you’re not buying?  So go ahead,  read all the good books,  get an education,  talk with authorities,  become a walking encyclopedia,  listen to promoters and pay $1000’s  for their expert advice.  NOTHING  over centuries has or will ever  CHANGE  the absolute effectiveness of   ‘Natural  No  Cut  Brain  Surgery.’ 

READY  OR  NOT……here’s the  ANSWER:  Just take that  HEADSET  atop your shoulders……plug it into a  QUIET PLACE……tune into that  GRAY MATTER……and  THINK !!!!!!


Author/Doc Gene  


LAUGH LAB – Happy! Or Hippy ?

*U  P  P  E  R  S      &      D  O  W  N  E  R  S *

Gads……these ads got me all confused.  First I’m given  ‘Niagra’  and feel like I can swim up stream.  Then I tried  ‘SeeAlice’  and suddenly playing golf w/o clubs looked awfully good to me.

Oh but you haven’t seen anything yet.  I take this ‘stick’  and rub it under my arm pits and low and behold I’m  AIR BORNE!  I guess they call it  ‘Testostermost’  but wait I get this shot in the arm and ‘Mars’ doesn’t seem that far away because I’ve been  STEROIDIZED!

But that’s nothing because after all that,  I get EGM  ‘Elephant Growth Morons’  or maybe it’s  HGH  ‘Human Growth Horrormones.’

Well now I’m embarrassed because everything on me seems bigger,  stronger,  and women love me because I can fly like Superman and climb like Spiderman.

I said  ‘uppers & downers’  right…where’s the downers?  No problem……I swim the English Channel,  run up Mt Everest,  fly to the moon and the women all know I’m gonna come back for more.  These  ‘Elephant Growth Morons’  or  ‘Human Growth Horrormones’  always put me up today and down tomorrow.

But I’m happy cause I tripped out on  ‘Egotizers’  and now it’s down town cause I’m ‘flaked out,’  ‘left out’,  ‘put out’ and  LIGHTS  OUT!!!

Ha  Ha  Ha……my title is:  GOTCHA

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There are two worlds paralleling one another,  the ‘physical world’ and the ‘non physical world.’  We need to pursue the ‘bridge’ between the physical ‘life’ and non physical ‘death.’

We are ‘chemical beings’ stimulated by energy.  Although our brains are primitive,  when certain areas are stimulated,  we respond to the unknown.  It is well studied how persons who have passed away return to us many times over the years acting as guides or transmitting urgent information.  The phenomenon of non physical beings materializing during early morning hours when the earth is damp with moisture, coincides with the magnetic field.

The bridge between worlds is experienced during OBE’S  (out of body experiences),  visions,  dreams,  etc; happening to millions of people and why because we are already wired to rediscover these inner worlds. 

Scientists are seeking external worlds,  when ‘Sensitives’ are projecting from inner worlds.  Science needs to focus on the energy fields of dying persons and following their passing.  Our physical instruments which attempt to measure  ‘parapsychology’  is  ‘archaic.’  The human brain is the only instrument possible to do the measuring when stimulated.

The mistake we make is attempting to duplicate ourselves when there are ‘higher planes.’  It is vital to make this connection between ‘both worlds’  which are in reality  ONE WORLD.

The ‘galactic’ trip lures us into the ‘cosmos.’  Our challenge is not just out there but right here on ‘earth’  to master this act for the making of  better worlds to come.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith  




*FRIENDS And FANTASY* Come In The Darndest Pkgs!


I SIT HERE in the middle of a forest where woods and streams surround me.  The overwhelming growth consumes me as my limitations in perceiving things frantically attempt to make an immediate capture.

I BEGIN naming things.  That’s a leaf…a branch…a tree…a brook…the sky.  Time and again I catch myself,   for to look at that same flower without any name,   I begin to see miniature worlds of wonder.

Once merely a rock riddled with algae,   now becomes a moss covered palace of velvet green splendor.  The trees become instruments of a mighty orchestra.  The streams and brooks become the voice of a thundering chorus.  The sky becomes maestro in shading and lighting.

I STAND in the middle of civilization with a busy metropolis surrounding me.  I find myself thinking…buildings…traffic…people.

When I LOOK AGAIN,  buildings become variations of fascinating form,  traffic becomes a symbol of our threatening yet ever changing norm.

Instead of seeing people,  I SEE individual persons.  Masses of gender suddenly appear in likeness of one another yet difference in character.  When I look very closely,  I see in one single human form all the combinations of these masses in miniature.

Males look like females who look like males and females look like males who look like females.

I see with amazement how this very sight models the schools of fish in the ocean,  each looking different yet resembling the other.  I can see in birds,  plants and animals,  themselves as relatives to the WHOLE SCHEME of things.

Everywhere I go I see reflections of myself and others.  I am warmed by the statement “humans are created equal”  yet I am cooled by the devastating ‘hole’ it has left in the WHOLE of humankind.  We are created equal ONLY in the way that we are equipped with the same basic tools,  WE  ARE  NOT  EQUALS  IN  THE  WAY  IN  WHICH  WE  USE  THEM.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith  

*HAPPINESS……Is To Contemplate*

No matter whether you are youth or elder,  reflect back on each day and remember.  Like an architect we move moments in a mixture of  LOW  points and  HIGHLIGHTS  that take shape in what matters in our  JOURNEY  through time.

We discover in bits and pieces the  HARDSHIP  and  KINSHIP  which make up the building blocks of a life in the  PROCESS  of living.

Like  JUGGLERS  we toss tangibles and intangibles into a universe that pitches the  KNOWN  and the  UNKNOWN,  challenging our person to meet the task of the century.

We may think that ‘negative’ equals  HELL  before we master that conflict or  INCOMPLETE  thing.  We learn that ‘positive’ equals  HEAVEN  after we have resolved that conflict or  COMPLETED  that something.

Because solving and  RESOLVING PROBLEMS  takes long periods of time;  where the few moments of  RESOLUTION  last so briefly;  makes us feel we’re living in  ‘Hell’ longer than ‘Heaven.’

The  REWARD  may come in spurts for  COPING  or accomplishing and the price for learning may be dear……BUT  never forget, that the  TRIP  may be ‘Hell’ but the finished  PRODUCT  is  HEAVEN!

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith  


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WHOOPS…there’s that word again…




LAUGH LAB – ! Special Announcement !

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