“The Male & Female Within Me”  title quote from the book:                             “Mind Matter Motion” 

The human race does not understand it’s own biology nor its own breeding.

The clues that we are in a transition is the very existence of  (Heterosexual,  Homosexual,  Bisexual,  Transgender) etc;  further demonstrating that whatever comes out of the womb will take thousands of years to become what it’s true design is yet to be.

Cultural carelessness act as harsh critics,  judge & jury over what has not been born yet,  THE FINISHED PRODUCT.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            motionOsis.com



*I wish you  a ‘STATE  OF  BEING.’ 

*To rise above and shed the shackles of our limitations,

*To see the value of all living things in a glance,

*To feel the depth of kinship,

*To embrace the common thread within of caring,

*To exchange communication of well being,

*As only together can we light the path in our earthly journey.

Author:  Elaine Neihardt Smith


‘WHO or WHY’ versus ‘WHAT and HOW’ !

IF you follow the blame game  you will forever frustrate,  stress and block your own path to excellence.  The WHO is to blame and  WHY  may never be answered.

You are joining millions of others who listen to the  motor mouth media,  news casters,  commentators,  who slant the news out of context with opinionated twisted dialog and propaganda.  93%  negative makes for higher ratings and BIG BUCKS!

Further accommodating the news are the  politicians who hold America hostage via their illegal monopoly called  republican & democrat  who are infamous for their distortion of the facts merely to fit their own agendas.

What does all this leave?  7% positive about  ‘Ma & Pa’  who work and struggle everyday to put food on the table and a roof over their head for their families.  That means veterans, seniors, minorities, children and those who sacrifice for the benefit of the world and who are hardly ever on prime time news.

SO  what’s the answer to this worldwide problem which leaves us  angry and depressed,  that leads us down the road to nowhere?

WHAT & HOW !!!  That means  what  are we going to do about it and  how  are we going to do it.  Problems  were mean’t to be solved.  The challenge lies in what each one of us is going to do to bring about solution.

We’re talking a personal responsibility we all must  share.  Once we define the real problem  (WHAT),  we are more than half way there.  Now comes the  (HOW),  the steps to change  problems to solutions. 

There is no change in  ‘who & why’  only in  WHAT & HOW.  We have not progressed from a world of wars,  destruction and discrimination,  to one of peace and harmony.  The path to  utopia lies in the ability and positive action each human can bring to this planet we all live on.

Let’s answer  WHAT  we can do and  HOW  we can work together to make it happen.

Author: Doc Gene





*DID you ever sit out on your patio and think  WOW  beautiful weather,  great things to do and all is well with the world?*

THEN that  FLY;   a tiny microscopic sized insect;  jets into your nose holes,  darts into your eyeballs,  buzzes your ears,  rides free into your mouth on every inhalation !!!

HERE you’re a 170 lb  human,  maybe a big shot  CEO,  a star athlete,  the Pope or billionaire AND you’re surrounded!

WHAT to do? You frantically swing your arms,  slug the air with your fists,  swear like a banshee while the whole neighborhood on patios enjoys your performance.

HOW do you save face?  Soon all your DEFENSES  are down,  your  OFFENSE  quits and you realize your quarterbacking  this master manipulating object that’s got you SACKED!

SURRENDER?  Finally you run for cover inside,  giving up your territory.

WHOOPS……what does this remind you of?  They wear $5000. suits,  pompous hairdos,  lush in perks and park it in Washington D.C.

HALLOWEEN is timely to match their already FREAKY face lifts,  nose jobs,  hair pieces of which is never appropriate.  Thank God for the holidays.

These media flys  are in your face,  wallowing in your TV/Radio space,  smothering your  (what’s left of intellect) with their (love of self)  propaganda.  All the while you benefit from brainwashing, higher taxes, cable fees and tranquilizers.

SOLUTION:  1st Set up a NO FLY ZONE,  2nd Build a B.S. Defense,  3rd Launch a SWAT War Offense,  4th Declare a  BUG FREE SOCIETY !!!

LASTLY:  Wish them  A FRIENDSHIP PRAYER:  “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of those persons who screw up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.”   AMEN

Author: Doc Gene


ELECTIONS – What’s That?

Mid  Term — Congress!    Mid  Term — Senate!

America, since when is your position  “Politics is not our policy”???  Everyday you live with your problems,  you complain all year long and yet the private sector takes the stand:  politics is not our policy. America, I think it long overdue that you’re put on the front lines and questioned.

IF  politics  is such a  dirty word to you,  why do you keep voting in politicians?  Did you ever stop your dizzy spin long enough to think that there could be another alternative?  Why haven’t you thought about some men and women in the private sector are perfectly capable of serving their country on political hill.  Aren’t qualified people for political office good enough for you or is it that you do not have the intelligence to know the difference.

Those few outsiders who have thrown their hats in the political ring  (the very ones who could help you) are destroyed by your position: “Politics is not our policy.”  Didn’t you know that your ignorant views treat that legitimate candidate as a criminal?  Don’t you realize that closing your doors to outsiders means they have nothing left but the media to turn to and this medium makes your choices for you?

Can you understand the insult to a legitimate candidate’s integrity who has to crawl around behind the scenes, pleading to be heard, while being blocked by our so called  FREEDOM  OF  THE  PRESS?

Have you ever taken the RISK to RUN for office in the United States of America  as you profess it to be a FREE COUNTRY?

Can you imagine what it is to personally put your savings on the line,  stop income for 18 mo’s,  work under pressure with no pay thru 16 hr days,  have doors slammed in your face,  be buried in lip service,  be harassed by the majority that rivals assault and battery,  undergo life threatening events?

Wake up America  and take a closer look because you’ve been shooting yourself in the foot for decades.  In this MID TERM ELECTION – 2014, are you repeating the same thing all over again?  Are the statistical results of American voting going to demonstrate the probability that you’re unqualified to vote?  Is your decision based on running with the packs rather than reason?

How much longer ‘as a people’ are you going to allow  GRAFT,  FRAUD,  CORRUPTION,  instead of finding ways to take your country back.

In this writer’s family we have long served our country both in the government and private sector. And don’t think for one moment that running for political office shouldn’t be added to the tally.  Those of you who were and are Veterans have fought for this country.  Now don’t you think that it’s time for the rest of you to fight your fair share?   

Do your homework,  read congressional reports,   NOT  ‘MEDIA’ !!!

                                     *VOTE AN INTELLIGENT VOTE*

Author: A candidate’s wife,   Elaine Neihardt Smith      www.motionOsis.com










Journalism  ISN’T  JOURNALISM  anymore  today.  It’s  a  bunch  of  VIPERS  foaming  at  the  mouth  squabbling  over  what  gets  them  the  best  television  ratings.

The  news  carries  ANCHORS  who  don’t  report  the  news,  they  make  the  news.  Their  INFERENCES  are  sly  and  cleverly  slipped  into  dialog.

Get  a  load  of  those  POLITICAL  ANALYSTS  who  are  having  a  field  day  by  DIGGING  up  the  DEAD  and  bringing  them  back  to  life,  again  competing  for  television  ratings.

NEWS  TODAY  is  no  different  than  back  in  the  ROMAN  DAYS   when  the  King  would  ENTERTAIN    his  party  at  the  coliseum  by  throwing  citizens  into  the  ring  and  releasing  lions  to  MASSACRE    them.  Doesn’t  this  sound  a  bit  familiar  with  today’s  SPORTS !

OH  but  that’s  OK,  there’s  the  SOFT  TOUCH  at  the  end  of  the  news  program  called  “Making  A  Difference.’

COMON  NOW,  don’t  you  feel  as  if  your  getting  GOOSED  with  a  SUPER  FINGER?  The  21st Century  massage  job?  How  many  of  you  would  really  like  to  say:  “I’M  DAMNED  MAD  &  I’M  NOT  GONNA   TAKE  IT  ANYMORE !!!

BUT  GUESS  WHAT !  You’re  gonna  go  right  on  watching  while  cleverly  they  keep  jabbing  that  brainwashing  down  your  throat.  MIND  GAMES?  You’re  under  the  biggest  SNOW  JOB  that  has ever  hit  this  country.

Hey,  do  me  a  favor,  throw  some  raw  bait  into  the  ocean  where  there’s shark  nearby  and  get  your  KICKS  from  a  SHARK  FRENZY  instead  of  padding  those  MOTOR  MOUTH  pockets !!!

OR  if  you  enjoy  human  misery,  try  going  slumming  through  poverty  stricken  neighborhoods.  WHY  NOT  WAKE  UP  AMERICA,  get  off  your  couches  and  TURN  OFF  YOUR  TELEVISION  SETS !!!    What  have  you  got  to  lose,  INSANITY ???

AMERICA  comon  back  to  America  and  don’t  stand  for  anything  less.  Speak  OUT,  Throw  OUT,  Wipe  OUT  that  SICKNESS  coming  across cable  or  satellite  that’s  spreading  a  more  DEADLY  DISEASE  than  EBOLA !

LAUGH LAB – Politicians To MARS !!!

NASA  now  ANNOUNCES  the  NEW  GROUP  to  train  for  MARS  immediately!

These  candidates  will  no  longer  need  pompous  hairdos,   parties,  $5000.  suits  and  will  save  the taxpayers  from  being ripped  off  from  their   perks.

Training  will  begin  ASAP  and  last  7 yrs  which  will  give  every  unwilling  participant  plenty  of  time  to  adjust  because  their  participation  is  mandatory.

Balance  is  no  problem  as  they  are  ideal  for  the  task  at  hand  already  being  mentally  imbalanced.

Since  there  will  be  no  showers  for  months  they  can  seize  the  opportunity  of  smelling  their  own  stench  of  which  the  American  People  no  longer  will  have  to  endure.

Food  is  served  in  varieties  of  tasty  mush  but  that’s  no  problem  because  they’re  masters  at  hallucinating  their  self  serving  agendas  which  is  a  never  ending  plate  full.

Once  they  launch  on  this  long  trip  to  Mars,  they  will  have  plenty  of  time  to  bicker,  out  manipulate  one  another,   fight  for  their  selfish  rights  and  tolerate  the  hot  air  they  will  be  blowing  off.

Recreation  will  be  easy  for  them  as  a  good  time  would  be  keeping  an  eye  on  that  oxygen  mask,  even  that  body  suit,  just  in  case  any  opposing  party  decided  to  disagree  and  it’s  SPACE  WALK  TIME !!!

Arrival  and  landing  has  got  to  be  the  mostest  to  be  looking  forward  to.  Once  outside  not  a  peep  out  of  anyone,  for  just  one  outspoken  breath  of  political  jargon  without  a  spacesuit  and  that  politician  is  BYE  BYE !!!

Survival  will  be  the  most  fun  as  both  parties  will  have  to  scratch  and  dig  to  find  a  way  to  live  together.  When  they  build  their  huts,  just  think  how  their  different  territories  will  look  hanging  on  shingles:  Republican……Democrat……Independents…etc!

WHOOPS!  Guess  folks  back  on  EARTH  know  the  rest  of  the  story,  “They’re  gonna  start  that  same  scenario  all  over  again.  BUT  the  best  part  is  they  are  up  there  and  we  are  down  here!!!





AMERICANS   overdose  on  I WANT!   The  population  breeds  illness  care,  mental  poverty,  criminal  minds.

HEALTH  CARE  SOLUTIONS:  Export  the  overweight  kids  to  China.  Eat  rice,  ride  bicycles  and  plant  in  the  fields.  NO  KIDDING,   these  Chinese  kids  in  elementary  school  learn  several  languages  and  excel  in  science  and  math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn  Latin & Greek  because  your  GIBBERISH  is  reducing  English  to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm  teachers  with   SPRAY  GUNS   filled  with  HAPPY  GAS!

CRIME  SOLUTIONS:  Bring  back  the  chain  gang  and  rebuild  our  infrastructure.  Send  criminals  to  ‘Commander ‘ET’  in  Roswell  New  Mexico!

NOW  LET’S  BE  SERIOUS:  Education  has  a  direct  relationship  to  crime,  health  and  the  economy.  Be  part  of  the  solution  “SASA  KIDS  8  To  108”  &   get  your  ‘Instant  Fix’  with:

“GOTCHA: The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed, But Here’s What You Can Do About It.” 

Authors:  Neihardt & Smith  ASK  you  to  light  up  your  life  with  FUN  cartoons  and  CATCHY  stories,  learning  and  laughing  your  way  through  today’s  troubled  world!