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*DID you ever sit out on your patio and think  WOW  beautiful weather,  great things to do and all is well with the world?*

THEN that  FLY;   a tiny microscopic sized insect;  jets into your nose holes,  darts into your eyeballs,  buzzes your ears,  rides free into your mouth on every inhalation !!!

HERE you’re a 170 lb  human,  maybe a big shot  CEO,  a star athlete,  the Pope or billionaire AND you’re surrounded!

WHAT to do? You frantically swing your arms,  slug the air with your fists,  swear like a banshee while the whole neighborhood on patios enjoys your performance.

HOW do you save face?  Soon all your DEFENSES  are down,  your  OFFENSE  quits and you realize your quarterbacking  this master manipulating object that’s got you SACKED!

SURRENDER?  Finally you run for cover inside,  giving up your territory.

WHOOPS……what does this remind you of?  They wear $5000. suits,  pompous hairdos,  lush in perks and park it in Washington D.C.

HALLOWEEN is timely to match their already FREAKY face lifts,  nose jobs,  hair pieces of which is never appropriate.  Thank God for the holidays.

These media flys  are in your face,  wallowing in your TV/Radio space,  smothering your  (what’s left of intellect) with their (love of self)  propaganda.  All the while you benefit from brainwashing, higher taxes, cable fees and tranquilizers.

SOLUTION:  1st Set up a NO FLY ZONE,  2nd Build a B.S. Defense,  3rd Launch a SWAT War Offense,  4th Declare a  BUG FREE SOCIETY !!!

LASTLY:  Wish them  A FRIENDSHIP PRAYER:  “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of those persons who screw up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.”   AMEN

Author: Doc Gene