*Thou Shalt buckle up in  HONOR  of those who have gone before us.

*Thou Shalt  REFRAIN  from asking a tourist for directions when lost.

*Thou Shalt  ADMIRE  those  ‘hands free motor mouths’  with the absence of others.

*Thou Shalt  SMILE  at the  ‘moron’  pumping gas while pointing to the warning sign that their cell phone could blow the whole station up.

*Thou Shalt wave  HAPPILY  at the ‘frantic lane changer’  who ends up waiting at the same stop before you do.

*Thou Shalt  JUMP  out of the car and start  ‘running in place’  while a police officer writes the speeding ticket.

*Thou Shalt  RESTRAIN  oneself from giving the  ‘super finger’  to the  ‘maniac’  who cuts them off in traffic.

*Thou Shalt not  HAUNT  the  ‘creep’  who kills you in a car accident.

*Thou Shalt  SAVOR  the moment while pulling out of a parking spot because this is when you’re the most loved.

*Thou Shalt  BLESS  the ground we drive on but  ‘pray’  every day we can stay above it and not below it.


Author/Lane      www.motionOsis.com

LAUGH LAB: “Commentators Last Breath”

According to the  WIA  (World Illness Association),  most  MEDIA  commentators have shortness of breath,  with jaws that click like there on hinges,  rattling like storm shutters slamming in the wind from all the HOT AIR and each suffering from ID (identity crisis).

Because they are absolutely delighted with the sound of their own voices and impressed with OBC  (opinionated bull crap),  their dialog becomes owner of the air space.  Ratings go up while  FACTO  goes down.  Of course they well know this is happening because their  MOTOR MOUTHS  have formed the organization  SLO (self love organization)  which originates from the  EAS  (echo admiration society). 

Now when they look into the mirror……I mean camera…they see  B&B  (beauty & the beast).  They think they’re beauty and we the public are the beast.  After the greatest show on earth,  they go to the PMR  (phony makeup room)  and put their arm around their waist.  And if they get fresh with themselves they slap their face.

Finally they go home and take their medication from the WIA,  a pill to form a more perfect union between the  ‘liberal & conservative psychotics.’ 



LABELS…labels…labels……CONSERVATIVE……LIBERAL……once you are daring enough to look up the definitions in the dictionary, you will wonder how political parties have seized ownership of these non political words.

As Americans aren’t we first human beings who live and love along with the rest of humankind?  How is it that our lives are so defined through labels.  Consequences from this are dividing ‘Main Street USA’  who allow careless and thoughtless acts of tagging.  We’ve traded in breathing, thinking, feeling souls who work and strive for unity……for ROBOTS!

EASY  means giving up and giving in to a society which supports those “Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets”  wearing their $5000. suits and pompous hairdo’s.  Pushing the button and letting the poison flow freely from  MOTOR MOUTHS  bickering, battling and dumping on us tax payers paying the bill.

STOP the overcast of  POLITICAL POLLUTION  by turning on and listening only to the voices who integrate not separate.  Americans must be BOLD in their stance to override their country’s own dictatorship.  Stand with the rest of the world to remind negative dictators that we all live on a planet spinning in space where any intergalactic catastrophe could occur and we’d all be gone.

SAY labels be GONE……negatives be GONE……CHARGE UP  with  POSITIVES!

CELEBRATE  with a great new world for each and every ……YOU & ME !!!