LAUGH LAB: “Commentators Last Breath”

According to the  WIA  (World Illness Association),  most  MEDIA  commentators have shortness of breath,  with jaws that click like there on hinges,  rattling like storm shutters slamming in the wind from all the HOT AIR and each suffering from ID (identity crisis).

Because they are absolutely delighted with the sound of their own voices and impressed with OBC  (opinionated bull crap),  their dialog becomes owner of the air space.  Ratings go up while  FACTO  goes down.  Of course they well know this is happening because their  MOTOR MOUTHS  have formed the organization  SLO (self love organization)  which originates from the  EAS  (echo admiration society). 

Now when they look into the mirror……I mean camera…they see  B&B  (beauty & the beast).  They think they’re beauty and we the public are the beast.  After the greatest show on earth,  they go to the PMR  (phony makeup room)  and put their arm around their waist.  And if they get fresh with themselves they slap their face.

Finally they go home and take their medication from the WIA,  a pill to form a more perfect union between the  ‘liberal & conservative psychotics.’