A great country is only as great as we make it and being only  ‘237 yrs old’  we’re just beginning. 

Now add on all the experience we’ve had and there’s  NOTHING  that  CAN STOP US  from being  GREATER  THAN   we’ve ever been  BEFORE!   This is the ESSENCE of AMERICA.

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Terrorist torture continues its wrath in this United States Of America.

The act of destruction toward another human being or property is terrorism at its best.

Rape,  murder,  molesting children,   mental or physical abuse  are all crimes of terror and must be CHARGED  as  TERRORISM.

Wake Up America…or does your  ‘freedom’  or  ‘right to privacy’  get in the way.

This country is  ‘237 yrs’  old,  an infant that doesn’t seem to want to grow up.

Beware of the INEVITABLE…the most powerful force of our own creation. 

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HYMN – (Him)

Family and friends are all the flowers in a beautiful garden.

Husband is  ‘Hand in Hand’……’Heart in Heart’……’Mind in Mind’……strolling together through the garden of  life.

He is the sun that warms your heart,  the moon that romances your soul,  the rain that cools the sweat of your brow.

One and One  MAKES ONE  as you toil together through life’s journey.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com

BLESS ‘Boston – New York – Our Nation’

     Until an emergency,  ‘we the people’ are unaware of the magnitude of those who  ‘raise the bar’  to protect us. 

     As a nation we are in  AWE  to our witness of each brave outpour of professionals and bystanders,  again in action.  Our lives and very breath we take, depends on their loyalty to sacrifice.

     Now for the rest of us,  let’s do our part.

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TRAGEDY – ‘The Boston Marathon’

Dear People,

Don’t ever be afraid to  LOVE  because you hurt so hard.

Don’t ever be afraid to  HURT  because you loved so hard.

Life is a  RISK  and to be experienced and  LIVED.

Focus on the  WONDER  of it all while here in  touching the hand of a stranger or the fleeting passing of a loved one.  

We each take our turn traveling that bridge between  LIFE & DEATH,  being part of the mixture toward eternity. 

Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com


What a wonderful thing called  ‘life’  that comes but once in the form of your own lifetime.

The wonders of  ‘living’  are thriving all around you and what great pity if they be ignored.

A city becomes a robot because of its independence of one another.  The country has a heart that reaches out and touches all its dwellings as if they were under one roof.

To be in contact with nature brings more of ourselves to the surface which otherwise would be isolated or smothered.

The simple basic things are still the surviving things that must be expressed or starvation sets in,  creating the need and desire for substitutes.

‘Living’  positively demands increased alertness and awareness in the preparations of things.  To strive towards any goal and stumble or fall is a far difference to careless blundering which paves the way down a negative path.

This world is an investment which adds or subtracts to our own ends.  The fine art of living requires our own contribution of self in its entirety.

Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com

“A Tree”

A  ‘Tree’  impresses upon me the reason for living.

A  feeling of purpose in the process,  emanates from its boughs.

All the virtues of living stand true in its varied majestic expressions of knowing,  that it is to  JUST BE.

Strength and determination show in its steadfastness to survive.

The message towards completion of its aims,  are indelibly marked,  in its ever presence of  long standing.

Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith          www.motionOsis.com


Heavy is my heart for another’s sadness,  how to bring about this robbed gladness.

The long and empty stare through space,  that’s written across the lonely one’s face.

Much longer I cannot bear the weight,  of this pain so inflicted upon their fate.

Will ever the warmth of life’s embers be near,  to once again bathe them in the light of promise here.

Somehow a newness must be known,  for only they who are willing……it will be shown.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com


Through many worlds we come to be,   found and then again lost in the vast sea of infinity.

What purpose all this fervor be,   this endless search for one to be.

A restless hunger so great  indeed,   driven in such desperation to succeed.

From this life’s learning can mean in HELL BURNING, or graciously growing towards humble knowing.

Where then does beauty be,   amidst much pain and misery.

The price sooner or later paid we find,   are only our dues over the great span of time.

Let not rare moments slip by unknowing,   hold fast this precious works its showing.

Alas comes the darkness…then more light,   as can only be in the way of life.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com