Off into the distance I look to see,  the height, breadth and depth of thee.  Thine eyes scaling the highest peak,  only begins the search I seek.

Across the mighty plains I scan,  seeming more the wonderment in his plan.

Below the valleys dip and curve,  bearing quiet knowledge that they too serve.

These moments shared of brief pleasures,  touch upon another of life’s treasures.

I listen to the stillness……feel the presence of the bigness out there,  like the softness of a whisper, speaks the silence everywhere.

Comes suddenly this feeling  welling up within,  filling any emptiness that has ever been.

Again,  tuned in oneness with all nature has to bear,  shows the purpose and its meaning that a human must share.

Author:  Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com