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Lane and Gene
Lane and Gene

I’m Gene, 90 1/2 years old. I’m Lane, 82 years old. We’ve been ‘shrinks’ for 560,640 hrs, since 1968 husband and wife team/health care professionals, ‘Human Ecologists.’ Despite extensive media attention, our record breaking athletic feats always captured the headlines on sports pages.

National Body Building Championship, (no steroids, age 59 1/2) Grand Lake Theatre, Horizon Hotel, Lake Tahoe, Jun 23 1996
National Body Building Championship, (no steroids, age 59 1/2)
Grand Lake Theatre, Horizon Hotel, Lake Tahoe, Jun 23 1996

What started out as a fantasy became a reality as our 1982/1983 best selling book: “Mind Matter Motion” lit up the stands with controversy from mavericks who were way ahead of their time, then written for the 21st century. Our practice of Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems (PAPP-A) & Training-Not Treatment (TNT) was and still is a scientifically valid breakthrough. ‘2 cartoons’ guided our course who were borne from what we lived, worked, played, prayed and preached into what became ‘Social Addictions.’ Over 20,000 brave souls produced clinical success of 97% in overcoming substance abuse to all the disabling emotional/physical disturbances most of us face each and every day.

After years of research, development and implementation, rediscovered was the core diagnosis ‘MD’ (motion deprivation). From the integration of our clinic, speaking and consulting, our findings revealed hundreds of habit forming combinations resulting in: “Addiction Is Not A Problem, It’s A Process.”

NOTE: History: 200,000 BC a discovery was made of the oldest component innate in all human beings (addiction). 400 BC Socrates, Plato & Aristotle rediscovered addiction and in 420 BC, Hippocrates; Greek Physician known as the father of medicine; defined its mystery to be a permanent part of our human biology. (Life styles are life habits).

Running/Cycling combined mileage over 1/2 million miles.

GRAB these exciting writings, stimulate your own built-in chemistries, get energized with two animated characters: THE ADDICTOR and SASA who will guide you to your incredulous human potential.

In between breaths, the Smiths; a controversial husband and wife team; raised the bar and now you can benefit from their own theory, designed and implemented through doctoral studies, research, civilian and government hospitals and clinics, and private practice – AND NOW YOUR PROGRAM!

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