‘HEARTACHE’ Flight 370

Heavy is my heart for another’s sadness…How to bring about this robbed gladness.

The long and empty stare through space……That’s written across the lonely ones’ face.

Much longer they cannot bear the weight……Of  the pain so inflicted upon their fate.

Will ever the warmth of life’s embers be near……To once again bathe them in the light of promise here.

Somehow a newness must be known……For only those who are willing,  it will be shown.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com


’24 HRS IN AMERICA’ – Pick Your Poison!


!!! P – I – C – K            Y – O – U – R            P – O – I – S – O – N !!!    

*Morning Radio/TV news & shows quickly romance the slaughter.

*Evening TV news & shows elaborate the massacre.

*Late nite shows laugh the horror into escapism.

*Finally comes sleep of overactive dreaming to compensate for the unjust reality of everyday life. 

HOW do we motivate the masses to join our military when they come home to the absence of care for the emotionally disturbed to the hungry helpless homeless vet,  living under a bridge?

HOW can we raise a family when a child is kidnapped,  molested & murdered,  when the killer can live in our neighborhoods with the restriction they can’t go within 500 ft of a school or any child?

HOW do young boys protect themselves from predators who live & work in the hallowed halls of our institutions of church and school?

HOW does a woman defend herself from violence/rape when state laws disallow her responsible training in the use of pepper spray or sting guns?

HOW do we allow KILL instead of SKILL driving on our roads & highways?

HOW do we birth a human being only to send the innocent lambs to a society that slaughters?

HOW can a small business survive against white collar crime?

HOW can religion be expected to be our entire safety net?

Does anybody see the GREEN in all this?  The opportunity to design new industries that implement apprenticeship style training to fill positions that go further than infrastructure.  Rather the infiltration into our American society which focuses on PREVENTION of crime,  mental illness,  hunger,  homeless, etc;

The MAGNITUDE of worldly consequences from humankind’s actions throughout the centuries is charging us with its DEBT in this 21st century in a ROARING  GLOBAL  ONSLAUGHT!

WELCOME  to  FREEDOM  in America……or should I say welcome to what might be left of  Planet Earth!

Author/Lane Tech            www.motionOsis.com





LAUGH LAB: ‘Bargain Basement Politics’

THE  PEOPLE  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES  HAVE  HERE  NOW  SPOKEN……GOOD BY  to those ‘Disneyland On the Potomac Puppets’  in their $5000. suits and pompous hairdos.  So long to their ‘Good Ole Boys Network’ and closed door back room capers.  To Those lobbyists and private interest groups,  you may start crawling back into your holes to never see daylight again.

HELLO CONGRESS!  Any  (435) of you who are wealthy will be taking the $2.00 trip in all total (2 terms @ 2 yrs each)  piling up a grand total of $4.00.

HELLO SENATE!  Any  (100)  of you who are wealthy will be taking the $2.00 trip in all total (1 term @ 6 yrs)  amassing a grand total of $12.00.

Any Congress or Senate member who cannot afford to work in government,  a special (living wage)  arrangement will be made.  Included specially for both are no benefits nor retirement pensions.  However should any of you choose to excel in producing results for your country……those wonders will be automatically given a sales bonus of $10. a yr.

MONOPOLIES  are against the law.  The Republican & Democratic PARTIES hold the largest  ILLEGAL monopoly in the world and will be   ABOLISHED  by choosing the most ABSURD court.  All candidates will be determined by their non political and /or political track records via the internet.  Party Primaries now cease to exist…instead allowing popular vote where every vote counts.  Thus saving taxpayers millions of dollars of which can be credited toward paying off the national debt which all of you created in the first place.

OH……I forgot to tell you about the PERKS which are CONSIDERABLE:

*Politicians will all FLY on MILITARY craft rather than commercial 1st class.

*Congressional & Senatorial OFFICES will be located in the SLUMS.

*Citizens Committees you will EMBRACE…those who are made up of high school students,  college grads,  laborers,  office workers and of course the unemployed who all will act as your ASSISTANTS. These dear souls will be subsisting on living wage and benefits.

*All state districts will require  AVERAGE CITIZENS;  including boy scouts & girl scouts;  to give you an AGENDA……THEIRS  not yours.

*The HOUSE of  ILL REPUTE  has been REMODELED   into a full scale GYM  where you will rise early to faithfully  SWEAT  workouts 5x per week.

*HANKY PANKY of extra marital activity will be cause for immediate  DISMISSAL.

*Don’t forget how important  ENTERTAINMENT  is as yours will be BINGO!

*PROTECTION:  each member of Congress/Senate will be fitted with a MONITOR which gauges time worked,  committees and meetings attended and job performance.  Of course the NATIONAL GUARD will be both your security and policing army to keep you in line.

*Those of you LUCKILY to be VOTED in will undergo psychological testing,  criminal back ground checks,  gender checks,  medical checkups and personal/professional track records BEFORE you are SWORN in by the most obnoxious comedian of the times.


Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com




We are the leaders of the FREE WORLD,  what’s our image?  The richest country in the world!  What kind of ROLE MODEL are we when we can’t get our own financial act together.

It’s not WHOSE to blame for that  ‘THREE  RING  CIRCUS’  in Washington…nor WHY…it’s WHAT we can do about it and HOW!  WHAT is an ACTION word,  WHO is the BLAME GAME.  Asking ‘Who or Why’ will spin your wheels forever because it never will be answered.

I’m confronting what would be called political suicide  because we cannot sit on the side lines and let it continue to KILL!  Take a look…we’ve got  psychotics  in Washington wearing   pompous hairdos  and  $5000. suits,  performing  delusions  of grandeur in an  insane drama  that could win an  OSCAR!

What we have here is internal political  TERRORISM!  A literal civil war between political parties,  blatant negativism, verbal conflicts,  personality assassination,  waste-fraud-corruption  in a CIRCUS atmosphere,  all costing tax payers BILLIONS of $$$!

As citizens we’re not privy to all those secret sessions behind closed doors,  deserving of the LABEL, ‘The Good Ole Boys Network’  with their agenda instead of MainStreet USA.

Last time I looked,  MONOPOLIES  were against federal law.  Yet Democratic & Republican Parties keep pushing the labels:  (Liberal – Conservative – Moderate – Right Wing – Left Wing)  which manipulates the real meaning of politics.  This TREASON & BETRAYAL must not be allowed!  Now add to this mixture our electronic world spewing massive amounts of information that saturates  our lives whether  TRUE or FALSE,  where media distorts and makes the news rather than report it.

HOW are parents, kids, families to SURVIVE?  Let’s identify that we have a dangerous problem of  a MELT DOWN.  Understand that PROBLEMS are conditions and made to be solved which means finding a SOLUTION.

Let’s use REASON.  Despite the worst bad ass politics, these ‘Disneyland On The Potomac Puppets’ protecting their manicured image do not want the blame because they want to get RE-ELECTED.  Their selfish motives will motivate their actions.  THINK it out……would they allow a meltdown?


1.  A $20 Trillion lawsuit against all former and present federally elected.

2.  Recall of all  435  U.S. House of Representatives (Democrat/Republican).

3.  All candidates must serve their constituents in their district and determine what issues the people decide need to be addressed.

4.  Establish a bipartisan committee to examine all candidates on their promised agenda of citizens in their district.

5.  If on the recommendations of the bipartisan committee (ordinary citizens) find irregularities, false statements or lacking issues from MainStreet USA agenda,  a mandate to the Supreme Court will make judgement and file claim against those violators.  A court order will be issued for a recall vote.

6.  Each Congressman,  Senator,  President & Vice President  will be held accountable and if they fail to protect citizen rights,  they will have serious penalty deductions from their pay checks and be subjected to juvenile court disposition.

ACTION……Raise your right hand and repeat after me:  “This is serious and we are  MAD AS HELL & WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE”!!!

Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com





THE BIG BANG !!! By The Human Race

WHO or WHY???

WHO or WHY involves blame/shame or claim/fame.

It is a political finger pointing,  special interest groups opinion only.

It does nothing to solve problems.

It creates friction,  stress,  negative reactions and division between people.

When opinionated judgements war on each individual’s psyche,  time-energy-focus is stolen from constructive objectivity,  paramount to solution of mutually desirable outcomes to chronic problems.


WHAT and HOW???

WHAT:  is an action word requiring all people regardless of position,  status,  age,  sex,  education,  affiliation,  philosophy or view to unbiased work toward the most effective solution for all involved. 

It’s exploring the world of concrete and realistic options without blame/shame or claim/fame.

WHAT:  is primarily what we can do about the challenge at hand.

WHAT:  lays the responsibility for solution on every single individual involved in any dispute.

HOW:  is the specific steps we must take to bring about mutually acceptable results.

HOW:  is an objective,  impartial business plan.

When dealing with major issues on the U.S. or world diplomatic stage,  mediating,  integrating and motivating always toward a positive outcome brings harmony and peace to a troubled human race.

In conclusion,  this planet earth;  we  (7 Billion)  of us live on;  needs to focus on humility,  unselfish motives and determination to make life better for all souls.

Author/Doc Gene





*Malaysia 777 Jet – Flight 370*


Don’t ever be afraid to LOVE because you hurt so hard.

Don’t ever be afraid to HURT because you loved so hard.

Life is a RISK and to be experienced and LIVED.

Go hand in hand with your loved ones as together we each take our turns being part of the mixture toward eternity.

LOVE is what it was all about and remains the survivor.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith



STOP now and THINK……what is the one question either asked or thought about,  that’s on the minds of every individual in the world?

STARTING with all issues that people; in business,  education,  government,  politics,  religion;  all want to know is……WHAT IS REAL?

When a speaker delivers a message,  everybody is thinking,  IS HE REAL?  IS HIS MESSAGE REAL?  No matter what anyone says or does,  we all are wondering  WHAT IS REAL?

Claims by celebrities,  marketers,  sales,  leaders,  teachers,  preachers,  relatives,  friends,  all may be respected authorities……BUT still beg the question……WHAT IS REAL?  Throughout our lives and every waking moment,  dialog or transaction demands to know……WHAT IS REAL?

If you were to analyze each situation or condition after all the facts were in and a conclusion made……secretly to yourself you would dare to ask……WHAT IS REAL?  So no matter what your reality is,  inevitably we are all thinking about and asking that most important question of our entire lives……WHAT IS REAL?

Out of all the chaos,  clutter,  saturation of information,  history,  fact finding,  opinion,  analysis,  we are still left with that MADDENING,  NAGGING,  insatiable haunt……the struggle to make sense of any given society and achieve our very own identity……where we must ANSWER to……WHAT IS REAL?

Author/Doc Gene



Philanthropists need a WAKE UP CALL.  There are millions of us out there in ‘MainStreet USA’ who do not have the funds to BUILD on an idea or even a life’s work that of which would or has GREATLY contributed to humankind. 

There are huge lacks in our society because funding is used as either a write off that pads the pockets of those who operate foundations with minimal amounts given to those who either are non profits or those who cannot even afford to open up a non profit in order to receive funding.

The entire concept is MADDENING!  It is amazing how vast stores of wealth are held up by those who have it or GATEKEEPERS who literally SIT ON it within a country that has incredulous NEEDS!

Generation after generation passes on the same process while blaring STATISTICS screaming for HELP  continue to rise in the RICHEST COUNTRY in the world!

Credit surely is given to certain wealthy who donate to the ‘tangibles’ in this world but how about the INTANGIBLES?  Where are the psychologists who seem to be the only ones aware of the MENTAL aspects of any society?  Mind is an intangible and there is one professional team who mastered  “A Physiological Approach To Psychological Problems”  and attempted to plug its soaring success rates into this UNWILLING SOCIETY through the book “Mind Matter Motion.”

FOOD must quench mental hunger as well as physical hunger.

Attn Philanthropists:  What is your answer to their life’s work which still is alive and kicking since 1968 but still struggling to contribute their efforts to humankind before they leave this planet?