We are the leaders of the FREE WORLD,  what’s our image?  The richest country in the world!  What kind of ROLE MODEL are we when we can’t get our own financial act together.

It’s not WHOSE to blame for that  ‘THREE  RING  CIRCUS’  in Washington…nor WHY…it’s WHAT we can do about it and HOW!  WHAT is an ACTION word,  WHO is the BLAME GAME.  Asking ‘Who or Why’ will spin your wheels forever because it never will be answered.

I’m confronting what would be called political suicide  because we cannot sit on the side lines and let it continue to KILL!  Take a look…we’ve got  psychotics  in Washington wearing   pompous hairdos  and  $5000. suits,  performing  delusions  of grandeur in an  insane drama  that could win an  OSCAR!

What we have here is internal political  TERRORISM!  A literal civil war between political parties,  blatant negativism, verbal conflicts,  personality assassination,  waste-fraud-corruption  in a CIRCUS atmosphere,  all costing tax payers BILLIONS of $$$!

As citizens we’re not privy to all those secret sessions behind closed doors,  deserving of the LABEL, ‘The Good Ole Boys Network’  with their agenda instead of MainStreet USA.

Last time I looked,  MONOPOLIES  were against federal law.  Yet Democratic & Republican Parties keep pushing the labels:  (Liberal – Conservative – Moderate – Right Wing – Left Wing)  which manipulates the real meaning of politics.  This TREASON & BETRAYAL must not be allowed!  Now add to this mixture our electronic world spewing massive amounts of information that saturates  our lives whether  TRUE or FALSE,  where media distorts and makes the news rather than report it.

HOW are parents, kids, families to SURVIVE?  Let’s identify that we have a dangerous problem of  a MELT DOWN.  Understand that PROBLEMS are conditions and made to be solved which means finding a SOLUTION.

Let’s use REASON.  Despite the worst bad ass politics, these ‘Disneyland On The Potomac Puppets’ protecting their manicured image do not want the blame because they want to get RE-ELECTED.  Their selfish motives will motivate their actions.  THINK it out……would they allow a meltdown?


1.  A $20 Trillion lawsuit against all former and present federally elected.

2.  Recall of all  435  U.S. House of Representatives (Democrat/Republican).

3.  All candidates must serve their constituents in their district and determine what issues the people decide need to be addressed.

4.  Establish a bipartisan committee to examine all candidates on their promised agenda of citizens in their district.

5.  If on the recommendations of the bipartisan committee (ordinary citizens) find irregularities, false statements or lacking issues from MainStreet USA agenda,  a mandate to the Supreme Court will make judgement and file claim against those violators.  A court order will be issued for a recall vote.

6.  Each Congressman,  Senator,  President & Vice President  will be held accountable and if they fail to protect citizen rights,  they will have serious penalty deductions from their pay checks and be subjected to juvenile court disposition.

ACTION……Raise your right hand and repeat after me:  “This is serious and we are  MAD AS HELL & WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE”!!!

Author/Doc Gene