A:  Absurdities =  Surprises  waiting  to  hook  you.

B:  Battles =  Carelessness

C:  Conflict =  Communication  screwed  up.

D:  Disaster =  Wake  up  call.

E:  Eternity =  Wishful  thinking.

F:  Fortune =  By  whose  standards.

G:  Good =  At what  price.

H:  Habit =  A  crutch.

I:  Illness =  No  prevention.

J:  Jail =  Anyplace.

K:  Kiss =  Save  it  for  the  right  one.

L:  Love =  Build it.

M:  Mate =  Worth  waiting  for.

N:  Niceness =  Give  it  away.

O:  Old =  Go  with  the  flow.

P:  Plastic =  Not  just  objects.

Q:  Quiet =  The  missing  link.

R:  Risk =  Participator  not  spectator.

S:  Stupidity =  Self  inflicted.

T:  Trips =  Escape.

U:  Utopia =  Bait.

V:  Vehicle =  Weapon.

W:  War =  21st  century cavemen.

X-rated:  =  Mental  cripples.

Y:  Yield =  To  preventive  ways.

Z:  Zoo =  Civilization



External  stimuli  overwhelms  with  bombardment  where  my  psyche  is  bursting  at  the  seams.  There  is  no  way  I  can  get  close  to  myself  and  ZONE  IN  with  all  the  clutter  and  debris  over  my  pathway.


Like  a  pianist,  a  writer,   a  singer  or  a  dancer,  I  may  have  mastered  the  mechanics  of  expression.  But  to  extend  beyond  the  technician  and  create  depth,  color  and  dimension  that  touches  every ‘heart  and  spirit,’   is  BORNE   THE  ARTIST.

ZONING  OUT  clears  the  pathway  for  ‘creativity’  then  catapults  me  back  to  ZONING  IN,  now  connecting  me  with  my  ‘innermost  self.’

The  greatest  headset ever  invented  sits  atop  my  shoulders.  I  need  no  ‘wires’  no  ‘ear  pieces’  nor  ‘visual  aids.’    I  go  inward  where  I’m  grounded  in  QUIET.  Suddenly  starts  a  ‘stream’  turning  into  a  ‘river’  rushing  out  to  ‘sea,’   broadening  into  an  OCEAN  of  CREATIVITY.



There exists a certain  CORE  ESSENCE  within each human being of which gradually grows and develops throughout a lifetime.  ‘Protection’  and  ‘Preservation’  of this is imperative as we experience the culture we’re born into.

Because we are   ‘victims’  of our culture,  people unknowingly  ‘disguise’  themselves by wearing  MASKS  &  ROBES   in order to  ‘cope.’ 

The difference is to learn how to  ‘see  clearly’  to sort out what is  YOURS  and  ‘grow’  from it which is  your  ‘changing’  within that process.

There are truly ‘rich resources’  everywhere to enhance our lives.  The skill of being able to  KNOW  the  DIFFERENCE,  has to be developed.

Tragically this takes most people a lifetime but only because  ‘culture dictates’  overwhelming  ‘clutter’  to wade through.  Many of us know it doesn’t have to be that way.

First and foremost,  the dearest lesson to learn is to  PROTECT  and  PRESERVE   the  ESSENCE   of what is  YOU……to  BUILD  on that and let the rest go.




Instead we have  ‘Mimicry,  Consequences,  Ailments,  Side Effects,  Substitutes,  Repetition’   all carved into our psyche’s like the caverns deeply embedded  into  ‘planet  earth.’

What kind of  ‘Astronaut’  is capable of  ‘Constructive  Habitation’  on other planets if he or she is  human?

As a species we may be able to build a  ‘state of the art’  spaceship to other realms  but how will we build our own species to  ‘match  it’?

Is our thinking to  ‘evolve’  over thousands of years into an  ‘intelligent being’  or settle for the primitive approach?

Will  the mechanics of  ‘survival’  again  COST  the  ‘sacrifice’  of   ‘intelligence’?

Remember the  ‘Geographical  Cure’?      Remember  ‘History  Repeats  Itself’?

ONLY SOLUTION:   Grab that  ‘gray matter’  between the ears and get  “GOTCHA”- The  Whole  World  Is Angry  And  Depressed,  But  Here’s  What  You  Can  Do  About  It.”

Authors:  Neihardt  and  Smith  ASK  you to light up your life with  FUN cartoons and  CATCHY  stories,  learning and laughing your way through today’s troubled world and prepping for  TOMORROW’S  OTHER  WORLDS!

‘ISIS Versus Politicians’ = TERRORISTS !!!


A band of gruesome inhumane thugs who have no country,  no purpose,  no respect,  no conscience,  slaughter life.  People die,  no food,  no water,  no home,  no future.  They have no rights,  cannot get health care,  education,  peace nor happiness.

Compare to those  ‘Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets’  in Washington D.C.  donned in their $5000.00 suits and pompous hairdos,  who sacrifice their citizens for their own self gain.  A defunct government allowing cities, towns, riddled in white collar crime,  prisons overflowing with criminals,  rape and murder stalking our schools and streets!

Is it any less an atrocity  for over 20% of American citizens living in poverty,  dying from hunger,  health problems and suicide,  our veterans living under bridges?

Crooks who steal from their own people thru  WASTE-FRAUD-CORRUPTION,  are they not  TERRORISTS !!!

Politicians in back rooms who neglect and laugh behind closed doors,  leaving honest hard working citizens to live and die,  victimized by their own society.  Guilty politicians,  prison inmates,  need pay for their crimes as ground troops fighting for our country instead of our young citizens giving their lives for the unjust in the good ole USA.

IF  you had a choice of which group is the most guilty of crimes against humanity,  where would you put your  ‘X’  ???



*Labels  identify  us.

*Analysts  interpret  for  us.

*Computers  think  for  us.

*Visual  aids  consume  us.

*Video  games  devour  us.

*Junk  foods  saturate  us.

*Pills  hook  us.

*Slow  bores  us.

*Faster  isn’t  fast  enough.

*Vacations  aren’t  far  enough.

*Materialism  owns  us.

*Ignorance  rules  us.

*Freedom  costs  us.