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Instead we have  ‘Mimicry,  Consequences,  Ailments,  Side Effects,  Substitutes,  Repetition’   all carved into our psyche’s like the caverns deeply embedded  into  ‘planet  earth.’

What kind of  ‘Astronaut’  is capable of  ‘Constructive  Habitation’  on other planets if he or she is  human?

As a species we may be able to build a  ‘state of the art’  spaceship to other realms  but how will we build our own species to  ‘match  it’?

Is our thinking to  ‘evolve’  over thousands of years into an  ‘intelligent being’  or settle for the primitive approach?

Will  the mechanics of  ‘survival’  again  COST  the  ‘sacrifice’  of   ‘intelligence’?

Remember the  ‘Geographical  Cure’?      Remember  ‘History  Repeats  Itself’?

ONLY SOLUTION:   Grab that  ‘gray matter’  between the ears and get  “GOTCHA”- The  Whole  World  Is Angry  And  Depressed,  But  Here’s  What  You  Can  Do  About  It.”

Authors:  Neihardt  and  Smith  ASK  you to light up your life with  FUN cartoons and  CATCHY  stories,  learning and laughing your way through today’s troubled world and prepping for  TOMORROW’S  OTHER  WORLDS!

LAUGH LAB – Happy! Or Hippy ?

*U  P  P  E  R  S      &      D  O  W  N  E  R  S *

Gads……these ads got me all confused.  First I’m given  ‘Niagra’  and feel like I can swim up stream.  Then I tried  ‘SeeAlice’  and suddenly playing golf w/o clubs looked awfully good to me.

Oh but you haven’t seen anything yet.  I take this ‘stick’  and rub it under my arm pits and low and behold I’m  AIR BORNE!  I guess they call it  ‘Testostermost’  but wait I get this shot in the arm and ‘Mars’ doesn’t seem that far away because I’ve been  STEROIDIZED!

But that’s nothing because after all that,  I get EGM  ‘Elephant Growth Morons’  or maybe it’s  HGH  ‘Human Growth Horrormones.’

Well now I’m embarrassed because everything on me seems bigger,  stronger,  and women love me because I can fly like Superman and climb like Spiderman.

I said  ‘uppers & downers’  right…where’s the downers?  No problem……I swim the English Channel,  run up Mt Everest,  fly to the moon and the women all know I’m gonna come back for more.  These  ‘Elephant Growth Morons’  or  ‘Human Growth Horrormones’  always put me up today and down tomorrow.

But I’m happy cause I tripped out on  ‘Egotizers’  and now it’s down town cause I’m ‘flaked out,’  ‘left out’,  ‘put out’ and  LIGHTS  OUT!!!

Ha  Ha  Ha……my title is:  GOTCHA

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What is this strange word  MOTIONOSIS?    No it’s not in the dictionary.

What does the best selling book:  “MIND MATTER MOTION”  have to do with ‘motionOsis’?

What is  3M’s Therapy’s  20,000 client/patients; with a 97% success rate on all health issues; have to do with  YOU?

What is this kids stuff  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Talk Show Special”  and ‘global movement’ of families and communities have to do with YOU?

AND what is this new E-Book  “GOTCHA – The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed…But here’s What You Can Do About It”  have to do with all of this???

BEWARE…if you click on ‘motionOsis’ you’re gonna discover that fascinating TV Show and LOOK OUT  cause at the bottom of that 1st page you might find  “SASA FLASH KIT”  your  FAST FIX  prepping you for ‘Party Time’ in the 21st Century.

Kids 8 To 108 means  YOU  mixing with parents and families from your communities as  “SASA’s”  coming to your town.

DARE  to move thru the ‘motionOsis’ website to that 5th page  SCARE  where “Mind Matter Motion”  means PREPARE  with your  ‘Mini Medical Self Care’  showing you the  HOW TO  from the  ‘3M’s Therapy Clinic.’

WATCH OUT  for  “GOTCHA”  the new E-Book in bookstores on line as its  GALATIC  cover says it all!  How else would you find out about the oldest secret in the universe  NEVER REVEALED  until now.

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