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*I wish you  a ‘STATE  OF  BEING.’ 

*To rise above and shed the shackles of our limitations,

*To see the value of all living things in a glance,

*To feel the depth of kinship,

*To embrace the common thread within of caring,

*To exchange communication of well being,

*As only together can we light the path in our earthly journey.

Author:  Elaine Neihardt Smith




Instead we have  ‘Mimicry,  Consequences,  Ailments,  Side Effects,  Substitutes,  Repetition’   all carved into our psyche’s like the caverns deeply embedded  into  ‘planet  earth.’

What kind of  ‘Astronaut’  is capable of  ‘Constructive  Habitation’  on other planets if he or she is  human?

As a species we may be able to build a  ‘state of the art’  spaceship to other realms  but how will we build our own species to  ‘match  it’?

Is our thinking to  ‘evolve’  over thousands of years into an  ‘intelligent being’  or settle for the primitive approach?

Will  the mechanics of  ‘survival’  again  COST  the  ‘sacrifice’  of   ‘intelligence’?

Remember the  ‘Geographical  Cure’?      Remember  ‘History  Repeats  Itself’?

ONLY SOLUTION:   Grab that  ‘gray matter’  between the ears and get  “GOTCHA”- The  Whole  World  Is Angry  And  Depressed,  But  Here’s  What  You  Can  Do  About  It.”

Authors:  Neihardt  and  Smith  ASK  you to light up your life with  FUN cartoons and  CATCHY  stories,  learning and laughing your way through today’s troubled world and prepping for  TOMORROW’S  OTHER  WORLDS!


“HEALTHWEALTH”  is an ongoing  ‘process’   which supersedes all else and can be ‘taken with’  you.

Any  material gain is merely icing on the cake whether it be achieved by fraud or honesty AND   ‘cannot’  be  ‘taken with’  you.

Most important is the kind of  luggage  you will carry when you  ‘leave this earth’  physically and the ‘contents’  in that luggage  ‘left’  behind.

‘lifetime’  is our greatest lesson so why not  ‘lighten the load’  no matter what road we travel.


Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com



LAUGH LAB: ! Einstein Never Said This !

WHAT……you don’t speak  MARTIAN,  don’t understand  MOON TALK,  can’t translate  EARTH’S  prehistoric language to  WORMHOLE  dialect???

IS  time travel,  speed of light,  interstellar galactic space,  life & death,  all illusions and  MUMBO  JUMBO  to you?

GAD’S  we all need help and in a hurry!  Surely Mars and other planets in our solar system must have advance intelligence,  genius somehow,  beyond our present  ‘moronic…idiotic…psychotic  society.

WHAT  civilization would even think in such  NUMBNESS  that we are alone in this universe?  With all the countries in the world of different lingoes,  we can’t even agree within one language.

WHO  is going to be the teacher?  Why  MORGAN FREEMAN  of course!  Just take a look at those eyes,  you know he gets his answers from outer space.  Watch how fast he speeds back and forth in a flash between millions of yesterdays and tomorrows.

TODAY  you think you savvy what that  BABY BABBLE  is saying!  Think again it’s wondering what’s the matter with this earthling parent that doesn’t know what  INTERPLANETARY  TALK  is.  Animals are even smarter than we are,  they’re slowly disappearing into the cosmos.  AND  Morgan Freeman  is constantly reminding us that  100 Million yrs ago  we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Just get a load of all those cave etchings and standup hairdos on the  HISTORY CHANNEL.  Doesn’t it make you wonder about what shape of head is on your next door neighbor?

WONDER  why the earth spins around the universe,  people go in circles,  civilization is moving faster,  time is flying,  people are multiplying,  pollution is spewing,  icebergs are melting,  ozone is thinning?……it’s making us all  CRAZY!  Somehow we  GOTTA  GET  OUTTA  HERE !!!

NOT  TO  WORRY……life and death may be one and the same.  A grain of sand from earth as knowledge may be a mere bloop on the radar screen.  So how do I know this?  Because I’ve gone down the  WORMHOLE…met  Morgan  on the way as we spoke:   STOP your psychosis…GET new neurosis…GO  motionOsis.