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Instead we have  ‘Mimicry,  Consequences,  Ailments,  Side Effects,  Substitutes,  Repetition’   all carved into our psyche’s like the caverns deeply embedded  into  ‘planet  earth.’

What kind of  ‘Astronaut’  is capable of  ‘Constructive  Habitation’  on other planets if he or she is  human?

As a species we may be able to build a  ‘state of the art’  spaceship to other realms  but how will we build our own species to  ‘match  it’?

Is our thinking to  ‘evolve’  over thousands of years into an  ‘intelligent being’  or settle for the primitive approach?

Will  the mechanics of  ‘survival’  again  COST  the  ‘sacrifice’  of   ‘intelligence’?

Remember the  ‘Geographical  Cure’?      Remember  ‘History  Repeats  Itself’?

ONLY SOLUTION:   Grab that  ‘gray matter’  between the ears and get  “GOTCHA”- The  Whole  World  Is Angry  And  Depressed,  But  Here’s  What  You  Can  Do  About  It.”

Authors:  Neihardt  and  Smith  ASK  you to light up your life with  FUN cartoons and  CATCHY  stories,  learning and laughing your way through today’s troubled world and prepping for  TOMORROW’S  OTHER  WORLDS!