“Addiction Is Not A Problem, It’s A Process.”

The Origin of Addiction
The Origin of Addiction

SASA says today there exists a 100% habit forming socially addicted society shared in a MILLION combinations of ‘Undesirable Addictions and Desirable Addictions”. They can be either physical/mental or both, including rituals, moods and behaviors from the vast world of “SOCIAL ADDICTIONS”.

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Only minutes daily learn Prevention, Intervention, Retention. Gain Solution and master Lifestyle in the use not abuse of the Social Addiction Process.

SASA is “TNT”: Training Not Treatment

Instant Gratification in a self teaching Read Out of your own ‘Personality Profile’. A HOW TO in exchanging a “UA” (Undesirable Addiction) for a “DA” (Desirable Addiction)

SASA: Social Addiction Self Analysis