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#3 ISSUE – Q’s and A’s

WOWWWW……this  Global Movement  on  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108”  off  Word Press  and from  “NO TIME TO CRY”  on You Tube  has really taken off !!!

Do you  DARE  to hear  QUESTIONS  from different people throughout the world with  ANSWERS  by  Doc Gene who   SAYS  IT  LIKE  IT  IS  ???

WATCH OUT……it might change your mind……but  TRY IT  you might  LIKE IT !

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#2 ISSUE – Health Care – $3 Trillion Ripoff !!!

Hey  “SASA  KIDS”  I’m Doc Gene and this is  WSBN  (World SASA Broadcasting Network).

I’m really excited over a million people on the internet from all over the world responding to our  Global Movement:  “SASA  KIDS   8  To  108.”

Issues are what you all care about but are slammed with problems  ‘Who or why’  which is playing the blame game.  “No Time To Cry”  on issues means solutions   WHAT & HOW !!!

Did you know the  U.S.A.,  the richest country in the world is ranked  LOW  LOW  LOW   in overall performance in health care?

Haven’t you heard our life expectancy is  NOT  WHAT  YOU  THINK?   We spend  FORTUNES   yet we have frightening numbers of  DEATHS!  The whole  Health  Care  system needs to  EXPIRE  and be  RE-INCARNATED.

Have you heard the latest  OVERDOSE  from  BIG PHARM  who puts no ceiling on prices?   Did you know the U.S.A.  FREAKS  out on  MEGA  amounts of pain  MEDICATION  over the rest of the world?

Didn’t you know the EPIDEMIC  that’s alive and kicking,  wildly spreading is now identified as the  “IT’S  &  PITS” !!!

WATCH  OUT……TV News has got the whole  COUNTRY  COLLAPSING  with disease,  crime,  accidents  AND  making you all feel like  JUMPING  OFF  a cliff !!!

DON’T !!!      FIND  OUT  what’s really going on and  WHAT  YOU  CAN  DO  ABOUT  IT.  

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#1 ISSUE – ‘The Economy’

HEY  “SASA KIDS”  I’m  Doc Gene and this is  WSBN   (World  SASA  Broadcasting  Network).

I’m really excited over a  million people  on the internet from all over the world responding to our global movement:  “SASA  KIDS 8 To 108.”

“NO  TIME  TO  CRY”  is our  theme song.  I wrote the words and music and  sang  it on  TV/Radio appearances.  Tune in and hear the  singer with the flags.    www.youtube.com/user/lanegene

ISSUES  are what you all care about but are slammed with problems,  Who or Why  which is playing the  blame game “No Time To Cry”  on issues means  solutions  WHAT & HOW !!!

Wait till you hear the  power  KIDS  have with their  $6 Billion  allowances!

NO  MONIES  they say……U.S.  $17  Trillion   debt……&  $450  Billion  interest!!!


The  United States  has over $188  Trillion  total assets……with a  $70 – 80  Trillion  net worth.

Where is it?       We’re sitting on it!        Find out the  MAGIC  BULLET!

Read:  Doc Gene    

LAUGH or CRY !!!

*MOTIONOSIS……Motionosis……what is this strange word?

Find out  how to be the  MOSTEST……go to the web find your  DIAGNOSIS.

Under your nose get easy  PROGNOSIS.

Keep your focus with  MOTIONOSIS.


This word  Motionosis  is not in the dictionary.  Scholars do not know what it is.  Government thinks it’s  ‘suspicious.’  Psychiatrists think it’s a ‘psychosis.’  Scientists think it’s from  ‘outer spaces.’


Kids…parents…families run to the nearest computer and click on:  www.motionOsis.com

And find a map to  EVER  EVER  LAND.

Only those who don’t click in……will stay prisoner in  NEVER  NEVER  LAND.

GOTTA  GET  that  “SASA FLASH”  FIX……or  WATCH OUT  for whose   “GOTCHA”!!!


Author: Doc Gene         www.motionOsis.com



LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

  AMERICANS  overdose on  I WANT!  The population breeds illness care,  mental poverty,  criminal minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice,  ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO  KIDDING,  these Chinese kids in elementary school learn several languages and excel in science and math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin and Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY  GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the  CHAIN  GANG   and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to  ‘Commander  ‘ET’  in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime,  health and the economy.  Be part of the solution  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Talk Show Special”  and national movement.  EDUCATE by getting your  INSTANT  FIX  with  “SASA FLASH.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.

Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com





What is this strange word  MOTIONOSIS?    No it’s not in the dictionary.

What does the best selling book:  “MIND MATTER MOTION”  have to do with ‘motionOsis’?

What is  3M’s Therapy’s  20,000 client/patients; with a 97% success rate on all health issues; have to do with  YOU?

What is this kids stuff  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Talk Show Special”  and ‘global movement’ of families and communities have to do with YOU?

AND what is this new E-Book  “GOTCHA – The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed…But here’s What You Can Do About It”  have to do with all of this???

BEWARE…if you click on ‘motionOsis’ you’re gonna discover that fascinating TV Show and LOOK OUT  cause at the bottom of that 1st page you might find  “SASA FLASH KIT”  your  FAST FIX  prepping you for ‘Party Time’ in the 21st Century.

Kids 8 To 108 means  YOU  mixing with parents and families from your communities as  “SASA’s”  coming to your town.

DARE  to move thru the ‘motionOsis’ website to that 5th page  SCARE  where “Mind Matter Motion”  means PREPARE  with your  ‘Mini Medical Self Care’  showing you the  HOW TO  from the  ‘3M’s Therapy Clinic.’

WATCH OUT  for  “GOTCHA”  the new E-Book in bookstores on line as its  GALATIC  cover says it all!  How else would you find out about the oldest secret in the universe  NEVER REVEALED  until now.

WHOOPS…there’s that word again…www.motionOsis.com





A strange group claim a world record of earnings of over  $100 Billion.  Nobody knows the name of their company,  who their board or CEO is.

Most of the people in the group have only a grammar school education.  For some unknown reason they don’t marry.

They pay no income tax,  even though they live in the USA.  Somehow they have managed to avoid all operating costs and their expenses are funded by mysterious sources who look the other way, never revealing who they are.

A government investigation has ruled out extraterrestrial intervention.

Despite these facts; this wild and disorganized defiance of all business standards in buying up products, paying no rents or property taxes; none have broken the law.

Attorneys,  university professors continue to research the matter.  There have been no arrests,  criminal charges filed nor deportation orders from the attorney general’s office.  Even presidents of the United States have simply turned the other cheek and never submitted any formal charges to the Supreme Court.

Yet these groups operating in every state continue to spend,  buy expensive goods and slip by all authorities.  Even more bazzar is the fact these slick operators are getting help from someone. Could it be they’re being financed by some other country,  planet or secret fund from another century? 

What makes this absolutely mind boggling is nobody seems to be alarmed,  angry or even concerned.  The U.S. $100 Billion  buying power doesn’t seem to bother the World Bank.

Does such a similar organization exist in other countries?  The answer will astound you!  YES,  believe it or not, every other country in the world has a system like this with virtually no reporting taxation and year after year these funds are replenished.

WELL……if you haven’t caught on to this crazy scenario……the answer is………… KIDS!!!

In the USA kids get allowances totaling over $6 Billion per year with $24 Billion purchasing power and another $70 Billion spent where they influence their parents to spend on “I WANT”!!!

It’s all wonderfully legal and…………I GOTCHA !!!



“SASA KIDS 8 To 108”  is calling you to come aboard national  TV/Radio Talk!

KIDS…PARENTS…invite your families & friends to become  “SASA KIDS”  and be forever part of a global movement.

YOU are the STARS of the show!  No scripts, unrehearsed, spontaneity, interacting with celebrity host ‘Doc Gene.’

TALK that’s educational and entertaining…but FUN!

WAIT a minute…gotta be an official  “SASA KID”……so right here…right now…get  “SASA FLASH”!

Scroll down website: www.motionOsis.com Press button for “SASA FLASH”

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