#2 ISSUE – Health Care – $3 Trillion Ripoff !!!

Hey  “SASA  KIDS”  I’m Doc Gene and this is  WSBN  (World SASA Broadcasting Network).

I’m really excited over a million people on the internet from all over the world responding to our  Global Movement:  “SASA  KIDS   8  To  108.”

Issues are what you all care about but are slammed with problems  ‘Who or why’  which is playing the blame game.  “No Time To Cry”  on issues means solutions   WHAT & HOW !!!

Did you know the  U.S.A.,  the richest country in the world is ranked  LOW  LOW  LOW   in overall performance in health care?

Haven’t you heard our life expectancy is  NOT  WHAT  YOU  THINK?   We spend  FORTUNES   yet we have frightening numbers of  DEATHS!  The whole  Health  Care  system needs to  EXPIRE  and be  RE-INCARNATED.

Have you heard the latest  OVERDOSE  from  BIG PHARM  who puts no ceiling on prices?   Did you know the U.S.A.  FREAKS  out on  MEGA  amounts of pain  MEDICATION  over the rest of the world?

Didn’t you know the EPIDEMIC  that’s alive and kicking,  wildly spreading is now identified as the  “IT’S  &  PITS” !!!

WATCH  OUT……TV News has got the whole  COUNTRY  COLLAPSING  with disease,  crime,  accidents  AND  making you all feel like  JUMPING  OFF  a cliff !!!

DON’T !!!      FIND  OUT  what’s really going on and  WHAT  YOU  CAN  DO  ABOUT  IT.  

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