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AMERICANS   overdose  on  I WANT!   The  population  breeds  illness  care,  mental  poverty,  criminal  minds.

HEALTH  CARE  SOLUTIONS:  Export  the  overweight  kids  to  China.  Eat  rice,  ride  bicycles  and  plant  in  the  fields.  NO  KIDDING,   these  Chinese  kids  in  elementary  school  learn  several  languages  and  excel  in  science  and  math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn  Latin & Greek  because  your  GIBBERISH  is  reducing  English  to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm  teachers  with   SPRAY  GUNS   filled  with  HAPPY  GAS!

CRIME  SOLUTIONS:  Bring  back  the  chain  gang  and  rebuild  our  infrastructure.  Send  criminals  to  ‘Commander ‘ET’  in  Roswell  New  Mexico!

NOW  LET’S  BE  SERIOUS:  Education  has  a  direct  relationship  to  crime,  health  and  the  economy.  Be  part  of  the  solution  “SASA  KIDS  8  To  108”  &   get  your  ‘Instant  Fix’  with:

“GOTCHA: The Whole World Is Angry & Depressed, But Here’s What You Can Do About It.” 

Authors:  Neihardt & Smith  ASK  you  to  light  up  your  life  with  FUN  cartoons  and  CATCHY  stories,  learning  and  laughing  your  way  through  today’s  troubled  world!


#2 ISSUE – Health Care – $3 Trillion Ripoff !!!

Hey  “SASA  KIDS”  I’m Doc Gene and this is  WSBN  (World SASA Broadcasting Network).

I’m really excited over a million people on the internet from all over the world responding to our  Global Movement:  “SASA  KIDS   8  To  108.”

Issues are what you all care about but are slammed with problems  ‘Who or why’  which is playing the blame game.  “No Time To Cry”  on issues means solutions   WHAT & HOW !!!

Did you know the  U.S.A.,  the richest country in the world is ranked  LOW  LOW  LOW   in overall performance in health care?

Haven’t you heard our life expectancy is  NOT  WHAT  YOU  THINK?   We spend  FORTUNES   yet we have frightening numbers of  DEATHS!  The whole  Health  Care  system needs to  EXPIRE  and be  RE-INCARNATED.

Have you heard the latest  OVERDOSE  from  BIG PHARM  who puts no ceiling on prices?   Did you know the U.S.A.  FREAKS  out on  MEGA  amounts of pain  MEDICATION  over the rest of the world?

Didn’t you know the EPIDEMIC  that’s alive and kicking,  wildly spreading is now identified as the  “IT’S  &  PITS” !!!

WATCH  OUT……TV News has got the whole  COUNTRY  COLLAPSING  with disease,  crime,  accidents  AND  making you all feel like  JUMPING  OFF  a cliff !!!

DON’T !!!      FIND  OUT  what’s really going on and  WHAT  YOU  CAN  DO  ABOUT  IT.  

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LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

  AMERICANS  overdose on  I WANT!  The population breeds illness care,  mental poverty,  criminal minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice,  ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO  KIDDING,  these Chinese kids in elementary school learn several languages and excel in science and math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin and Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY  GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the  CHAIN  GANG   and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to  ‘Commander  ‘ET’  in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime,  health and the economy.  Be part of the solution  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Talk Show Special”  and national movement.  EDUCATE by getting your  INSTANT  FIX  with  “SASA FLASH.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.

Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com





REMEMBER ME ???  I’m the  ITs  (illness treaters)  who make the  PITs   (patients ill treated).  How could you forget me from the  WIA  (World Illness Association)  where we reign supreme!

You get  SICK  we treat the symptoms.  75% of you could have prevented all this because  FITs  (feet in training)  are  HITs  (health in training).

HOW ?  Just open the door, put one foot in front of the other and  WHAM  you’re cured because you’re having  FITs  which makes you a  HIT.  The aftermath from all this means DEATH of the  ITs  who cannot any longer make the  PITs !

Just imagine their stress and depression over the lack of  pill pushing and major surgeries.  Your absence of medical self care means……they’re  multi millionaires!  STOP  emptying your pockets and filling theirs !

NO……Wickipedia never heard of the word  MOTIONOSIS.  Only way to find out is to become a  “SASA KID”  and have  FUN  being seen and heard in the new  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Special.”

YES……”SASA FLASH”  is your ticket to saying  GOOD BY  to the  ITs & PITs  and  HELLO  to the FITs & HITs.

Come aboard this  global movement,  become official and  GRAB  that certificate which puts you in charge of your lifestyles which are life habits.  

Find  FUN  on end of 1st pg of website:  www.motionOsis.com   

*SEX* !!! – ‘SEX And MORE SEX’

‘DISCOVERED  IN  200,000 BC……RE-Discovered In The 21st  Century’

SEX  is a powerful  “Social Addiction”  which HOOKS  22 Million males and females into uncontrollable lifestyles.  This part of the U.S. Population has a serious  ‘pain/pleasure’  principle which preoccupies mind and matter  24/7.  It dominates behavior,  damages relationships,  destroys families and careers,  drains energy,  promotes dramatic mood swings,  adversely effects physical and mental health……all of which block healthy lifestyles.

There is a much larger segment of society who have a  SATISFYING,  calming,  meaningful pleasure that is part of a completeness shared with someone special they  LOVE.  So why is sex for some overwhelming,  destructive,  harmful,  insanely abnormal?  Answers to deviant sexual behavior by professionals may somewhat surprise you. 

Psychiatry’s bible (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)  defines sex addictions as obsessive compulsive behavior.  Most psychiatrists,  psychologists,  sociologists,  sex therapists;  when baffled by conditions that have no answers;  instead conjure up a barrage of labels.  Theirs is the license to medicate,  hold group sessions,  include spiritual guidance and… just hope.  Yet despite the best efforts of authorities in the medical community, negative statistics continue to escalate in unsustainable number.

Why has traditional treatment merely scratched the surface?  The answer lies in  HISTORY.  Since time immemorial the origin and purpose of human life was to PRESERVE the species.  Rightfully so because during the beginning of civilization,  the human species was in danger of  EXTINCTION.  Today with  7 BILLION  people on earth,  this premise doesn’t seem to apply.

Whatever your belief system,  it is imperative for you to understand that attractions,  sexual tensions,  energy transference,  biological reactions and physiological chemistry within the human body has and continues to  OVERPOWER  all reason and behavior.  What cannot be denied is the  BIOLOGICAL  DRIVE  to sexual dominance. 

Now the real question:  How does a society cope with and maintain a  BALANCE  of  TOO  MUCH  or too little?  And the real answer:  Knowing sex is borne from  INSTINCT,  controlled by  CULTURES,  makes it a  SOCIAL ADDICTION……not a medical illness.  Therefore we can take control of it.

Let’s take that section of our knowing  NARCISSISTIC SOCIETY  who possesses those same biological instincts and  SATURATE  it  COMMERCIALLY  with  SEX,  allow  pornography to flaunt,  promote competition between aging and youth,  reinforce thrill seekers and warring video games,  entertain with negative media and onslaught of killings,  keep pushing the button of high speed for faster self satisfaction……AND  what is the  BREED  that comes out of all this ???   My guess is you already answered it.

*SOLUTION:  Let’s get mental and physical.  When the most powerful  SOCIAL ADDICTION  on earth  ENSLAVES  you,  you’re battling a force of nature comparable to a  TSUNAMI !  Successful steps to take are from the book:  “Mind Matter Motion”

*ACCEPT  the fact each day that because you are human this sexual urge is for a  PRIMAL  reason to perpetuate the species.  In our civilized world the act itself is useful in pleasure for sexual health and more meaningful in a loving relationship.

*DROP  the  STIGMA  of  ‘addiction’  is a dirty word.  “Addiction Is Not A Problem…It’s A Process.”

*PHYSICAL…get clearance medically from your family physician for daily  STRENUOUS  physical exercise (preferably running)  because pulling your own body weight across the ground is the most challenging and stimulates your built in  CHEMISTRY CLOSET.

*ENERGY TRANSFERENCE  occurs during physical exertion which  ACTIVATES  the chemicals where you can make the  EXCHANGE  from a  USA (Undesirable Social Addiction)  to a  DSA (Desirable Social Addiction).

*NO  SIDE  EFFECTS  when you learn to conquer your own physiology.

*MENTAL…keep the therapeutic mental dumping with a professional going on simultaneously.  Include the family interaction which is vital for them to learn with your example as teacher.

*SOCIAL  ADDICTION  PROCESS……use it or abuse it.  Remember forming  HABIT  is habitual because repetition of any act solidifies it.  This puts the  POWER  in your hands of choice.  Change  NARCISSISTIC  behavior of……I – ME – MY……to……WE – US – THEY.

Diagnosis/Prognosis taken from professional clinical research (social addictions) of LaneGene Company – Motionosis who accepts no liability for the content or for the consequences of any public actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Consult your family physician before undergoing any physical or mental health programs.

Best Selling Book:  “Mind Matter Motion”  Copyright 1982/1983      www.motionOsis.com

LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

AMERICANS overdose on I WANT!  The population breeds illness care, mental poverty, criminal  minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice, ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO KIDDING,  THESE CHINESE KIDS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEARN SEVERAL LANGUAGES & EXCEL IN SCIENCE AND MATH!!!

EDUCATION SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin & Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the chain gang and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to ‘Commander ‘ET’ in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime, health and  the economy. Be part of the solution “SASA KIDS 8 To 108”  Traveling TV Talk Show and national movement.  Educate by getting your INSTANT FIX with “SASA.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.


LAUGH LAB: WIA – “World Illness Association”

This is NBK International, “News By Kids”, the following announcement is from  “SASA”!  By order of the WIA – “World Illness Association.”

All prescription drugs will be labeled A DANGER TO YOUR HEALTH – CAN CAUSE DEATH!  Because over  7 million abuse prescription drugs and over 28,000 died from overdose in 2007.

The ITS – “Illness Treaters” have created the PITS – “Patients Ill Treated”.  The WIA claims a world record of over 254 million prescriptions sold in 2009.  And WIA proudly boasts that the good ole USA consumes 80% of all pain medications in the world.  Many will die because of the pain-pleasure-principle-epidemic.  This alarming news constitutes “The Great American Rip Off” quoting book “Mind Matter Motion.”

Already many WIA members have turned in their prescription pads in order to avoid prosecution.  The penalty for abusing prescriptions prescribed by the ITS who further drive us into the PITS, will be a mandate where violators will surrender their WIA licenses to authorities.

The new law would be FITS – “Feet In Training”  & HITS – “Health In training.”   This would create TNT – “Training Not Treatment” directing professionals throughout the world to teach health care instead of illness treatment.  Any violation of this scientifically valid directive by health care professionals would find themselves reclaimed by the WIA whereby issuance of a permit would be good only in  NEVER NEVER LAND!

“SASA”  is announced by NBK televised internationally. The prime time ‘Traveling Television Talk Show’ with unrehearsed group interaction will be a weekly event. ‘Main Street USA’ and licensed health care professionals will be the mixture in the “Social Addiction” revolution.  All will learn “Medical Self Care” which means ILLNESS PREVENTION.  See: www.motionOsis.com