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LAUGH LAB: WIA – “World Illness Association”

This is NBK International, “News By Kids”, the following announcement is from  “SASA”!  By order of the WIA – “World Illness Association.”

All prescription drugs will be labeled A DANGER TO YOUR HEALTH – CAN CAUSE DEATH!  Because over  7 million abuse prescription drugs and over 28,000 died from overdose in 2007.

The ITS – “Illness Treaters” have created the PITS – “Patients Ill Treated”.  The WIA claims a world record of over 254 million prescriptions sold in 2009.  And WIA proudly boasts that the good ole USA consumes 80% of all pain medications in the world.  Many will die because of the pain-pleasure-principle-epidemic.  This alarming news constitutes “The Great American Rip Off” quoting book “Mind Matter Motion.”

Already many WIA members have turned in their prescription pads in order to avoid prosecution.  The penalty for abusing prescriptions prescribed by the ITS who further drive us into the PITS, will be a mandate where violators will surrender their WIA licenses to authorities.

The new law would be FITS – “Feet In Training”  & HITS – “Health In training.”   This would create TNT – “Training Not Treatment” directing professionals throughout the world to teach health care instead of illness treatment.  Any violation of this scientifically valid directive by health care professionals would find themselves reclaimed by the WIA whereby issuance of a permit would be good only in  NEVER NEVER LAND!

“SASA”  is announced by NBK televised internationally. The prime time ‘Traveling Television Talk Show’ with unrehearsed group interaction will be a weekly event. ‘Main Street USA’ and licensed health care professionals will be the mixture in the “Social Addiction” revolution.  All will learn “Medical Self Care” which means ILLNESS PREVENTION.  See: www.motionOsis.com