LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

  AMERICANS  overdose on  I WANT!  The population breeds illness care,  mental poverty,  criminal minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice,  ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO  KIDDING,  these Chinese kids in elementary school learn several languages and excel in science and math!!!

EDUCATION  SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin and Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY  GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the  CHAIN  GANG   and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to  ‘Commander  ‘ET’  in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime,  health and the economy.  Be part of the solution  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Talk Show Special”  and national movement.  EDUCATE by getting your  INSTANT  FIX  with  “SASA FLASH.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.

Author/Doc Gene