LAUGH LAB: “The Spoiled American”

AMERICANS overdose on I WANT!  The population breeds illness care, mental poverty, criminal  minds.

HEALTH CARE SOLUTIONS:  Export the overweight kids to China.  Eat rice, ride bicycles and plant in the fields.  NO KIDDING,  THESE CHINESE KIDS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEARN SEVERAL LANGUAGES & EXCEL IN SCIENCE AND MATH!!!

EDUCATION SOLUTIONS:  Learn Latin & Greek because your  GIBBERISH  is reducing English to  GRUNTING  anyway.  Arm teachers with  SPRAY GUNS  filled with  HAPPY GAS!

CRIME SOLUTIONS:  Bring back the chain gang and rebuild our infrastructure.  Send criminals to ‘Commander ‘ET’ in Roswell New Mexico!

NOW LET’S BE SERIOUS:  Education has a direct relationship to crime, health and  the economy. Be part of the solution “SASA KIDS 8 To 108”  Traveling TV Talk Show and national movement.  Educate by getting your INSTANT FIX with “SASA.”

Haven’t you heard that strange new word  MOTIONOSIS……it’s not in the dictionary.