REMEMBER ME ???  I’m the  ITs  (illness treaters)  who make the  PITs   (patients ill treated).  How could you forget me from the  WIA  (World Illness Association)  where we reign supreme!

You get  SICK  we treat the symptoms.  75% of you could have prevented all this because  FITs  (feet in training)  are  HITs  (health in training).

HOW ?  Just open the door, put one foot in front of the other and  WHAM  you’re cured because you’re having  FITs  which makes you a  HIT.  The aftermath from all this means DEATH of the  ITs  who cannot any longer make the  PITs !

Just imagine their stress and depression over the lack of  pill pushing and major surgeries.  Your absence of medical self care means……they’re  multi millionaires!  STOP  emptying your pockets and filling theirs !

NO……Wickipedia never heard of the word  MOTIONOSIS.  Only way to find out is to become a  “SASA KID”  and have  FUN  being seen and heard in the new  “SASA KIDS 8 To 108 Traveling TV Special.”

YES……”SASA FLASH”  is your ticket to saying  GOOD BY  to the  ITs & PITs  and  HELLO  to the FITs & HITs.

Come aboard this  global movement,  become official and  GRAB  that certificate which puts you in charge of your lifestyles which are life habits.  

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