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EDUCATION  has a direct relationship to   CRIME – HEALTH  &  The  ECONOMY!

The new  TERRORISM  is an inside job,  IGNORANCE!

Student  ILLITERACY  in reading,  writing,  comprehension,  math,  science.

DROP  OUTS  in all our American schools.

Slaves to  ADDICTION  in electronics,  prescription & illicit drugs.

BULLIES  ruling their victims.

PREDATORS  enslaving our women, our youth.

KILLERS  freed by attorneys manipulating the laws.

FEAR  of being labeled  ‘Whistle Blowers.’


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#1 ISSUE – ‘The Economy’

HEY  “SASA KIDS”  I’m  Doc Gene and this is  WSBN   (World  SASA  Broadcasting  Network).

I’m really excited over a  million people  on the internet from all over the world responding to our global movement:  “SASA  KIDS 8 To 108.”

“NO  TIME  TO  CRY”  is our  theme song.  I wrote the words and music and  sang  it on  TV/Radio appearances.  Tune in and hear the  singer with the flags.    www.youtube.com/user/lanegene

ISSUES  are what you all care about but are slammed with problems,  Who or Why  which is playing the  blame game “No Time To Cry”  on issues means  solutions  WHAT & HOW !!!

Wait till you hear the  power  KIDS  have with their  $6 Billion  allowances!

NO  MONIES  they say……U.S.  $17  Trillion   debt……&  $450  Billion  interest!!!


The  United States  has over $188  Trillion  total assets……with a  $70 – 80  Trillion  net worth.

Where is it?       We’re sitting on it!        Find out the  MAGIC  BULLET!

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LAUGH LAB: The Melting Pot Fiasco – Immigration

HEY Jack, come back……I know your white but you said your ancestors did all this.

HELP,  it’s harvest time and you don’t have to worry about the border. Comon and work from dawn till dusk, the 115 degrees is a breeze!

You say you don’t want to?  Wait, there’s more to offer for less than the minimum wage.  You can always take on a second job like…buss boy, dishwasher, gardener and hold out for the best part.  You can do all this without health care……….just die young.

No matter because while your at it pay taxes, buy goods, contribute to the local economy, raise your family and live on a dime.  WAKE UP  Jack……this is the American Dream!

But Jack……don’t you wanna try this for at least just one month?  Didn’t you hear that the farm workers are going on strike?

No food, no service……but Jack you could always leap the fence, learn a new language, say  ‘SI’  and smile for awhile.