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ISSUE #8 – America…HEAR THIS!

ROLL  out the  WELCOME  MAT  and find out  WHY?

WHO  SWEATS  profusely over our agriculture?

WHO  besides citizens  BUYS  refrigerators,  clothes,  food and more?

WHAT  INVESTMENT  pours  $BILLIONS  into our  COFFERS  with minimum going out?

WHO  SMILES  thru rain or shine,  yet  TOILS  relentlessly just to be  FREE  in the  U.S.A.?

Read:  Doc Gene



U.I.’s  (undocumented immigrants)   pour into our COFFERS……

$450 Billion add to federal revenues!

$10.6 Billion add to state and local tax revenue!

U.I.’s   5% of the labor force.

MORE  pay into  Social Security –  Medicare – Medicaid – Unemployment!

NOW  whose  CRAZY……Congress or U.S. Citizens……or  BOTH???


Read:  Doc Gene



LAUGH LAB: The Melting Pot Fiasco – Immigration

HEY Jack, come back……I know your white but you said your ancestors did all this.

HELP,  it’s harvest time and you don’t have to worry about the border. Comon and work from dawn till dusk, the 115 degrees is a breeze!

You say you don’t want to?  Wait, there’s more to offer for less than the minimum wage.  You can always take on a second job like…buss boy, dishwasher, gardener and hold out for the best part.  You can do all this without health care……….just die young.

No matter because while your at it pay taxes, buy goods, contribute to the local economy, raise your family and live on a dime.  WAKE UP  Jack……this is the American Dream!

But Jack……don’t you wanna try this for at least just one month?  Didn’t you hear that the farm workers are going on strike?

No food, no service……but Jack you could always leap the fence, learn a new language, say  ‘SI’  and smile for awhile.