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A strange group claim a world record of earnings of over  $100 Billion.  Nobody knows the name of their company,  who their board or CEO is.

Most of the people in the group have only a grammar school education.  For some unknown reason they don’t marry.

They pay no income tax,  even though they live in the USA.  Somehow they have managed to avoid all operating costs and their expenses are funded by mysterious sources who look the other way, never revealing who they are.

A government investigation has ruled out extraterrestrial intervention.

Despite these facts; this wild and disorganized defiance of all business standards in buying up products, paying no rents or property taxes; none have broken the law.

Attorneys,  university professors continue to research the matter.  There have been no arrests,  criminal charges filed nor deportation orders from the attorney general’s office.  Even presidents of the United States have simply turned the other cheek and never submitted any formal charges to the Supreme Court.

Yet these groups operating in every state continue to spend,  buy expensive goods and slip by all authorities.  Even more bazzar is the fact these slick operators are getting help from someone. Could it be they’re being financed by some other country,  planet or secret fund from another century? 

What makes this absolutely mind boggling is nobody seems to be alarmed,  angry or even concerned.  The U.S. $100 Billion  buying power doesn’t seem to bother the World Bank.

Does such a similar organization exist in other countries?  The answer will astound you!  YES,  believe it or not, every other country in the world has a system like this with virtually no reporting taxation and year after year these funds are replenished.

WELL……if you haven’t caught on to this crazy scenario……the answer is………… KIDS!!!

In the USA kids get allowances totaling over $6 Billion per year with $24 Billion purchasing power and another $70 Billion spent where they influence their parents to spend on “I WANT”!!!

It’s all wonderfully legal and…………I GOTCHA !!!