‘ISIS Versus Politicians’ = TERRORISTS !!!


A band of gruesome inhumane thugs who have no country,  no purpose,  no respect,  no conscience,  slaughter life.  People die,  no food,  no water,  no home,  no future.  They have no rights,  cannot get health care,  education,  peace nor happiness.

Compare to those  ‘Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets’  in Washington D.C.  donned in their $5000.00 suits and pompous hairdos,  who sacrifice their citizens for their own self gain.  A defunct government allowing cities, towns, riddled in white collar crime,  prisons overflowing with criminals,  rape and murder stalking our schools and streets!

Is it any less an atrocity  for over 20% of American citizens living in poverty,  dying from hunger,  health problems and suicide,  our veterans living under bridges?

Crooks who steal from their own people thru  WASTE-FRAUD-CORRUPTION,  are they not  TERRORISTS !!!

Politicians in back rooms who neglect and laugh behind closed doors,  leaving honest hard working citizens to live and die,  victimized by their own society.  Guilty politicians,  prison inmates,  need pay for their crimes as ground troops fighting for our country instead of our young citizens giving their lives for the unjust in the good ole USA.

IF  you had a choice of which group is the most guilty of crimes against humanity,  where would you put your  ‘X’  ???