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A:  Absurdities =  Surprises  waiting  to  hook  you.

B:  Battles =  Carelessness

C:  Conflict =  Communication  screwed  up.

D:  Disaster =  Wake  up  call.

E:  Eternity =  Wishful  thinking.

F:  Fortune =  By  whose  standards.

G:  Good =  At what  price.

H:  Habit =  A  crutch.

I:  Illness =  No  prevention.

J:  Jail =  Anyplace.

K:  Kiss =  Save  it  for  the  right  one.

L:  Love =  Build it.

M:  Mate =  Worth  waiting  for.

N:  Niceness =  Give  it  away.

O:  Old =  Go  with  the  flow.

P:  Plastic =  Not  just  objects.

Q:  Quiet =  The  missing  link.

R:  Risk =  Participator  not  spectator.

S:  Stupidity =  Self  inflicted.

T:  Trips =  Escape.

U:  Utopia =  Bait.

V:  Vehicle =  Weapon.

W:  War =  21st  century cavemen.

X-rated:  =  Mental  cripples.

Y:  Yield =  To  preventive  ways.

Z:  Zoo =  Civilization