There exists a certain  CORE  ESSENCE  within each human being of which gradually grows and develops throughout a lifetime.  ‘Protection’  and  ‘Preservation’  of this is imperative as we experience the culture we’re born into.

Because we are   ‘victims’  of our culture,  people unknowingly  ‘disguise’  themselves by wearing  MASKS  &  ROBES   in order to  ‘cope.’ 

The difference is to learn how to  ‘see  clearly’  to sort out what is  YOURS  and  ‘grow’  from it which is  your  ‘changing’  within that process.

There are truly ‘rich resources’  everywhere to enhance our lives.  The skill of being able to  KNOW  the  DIFFERENCE,  has to be developed.

Tragically this takes most people a lifetime but only because  ‘culture dictates’  overwhelming  ‘clutter’  to wade through.  Many of us know it doesn’t have to be that way.

First and foremost,  the dearest lesson to learn is to  PROTECT  and  PRESERVE   the  ESSENCE   of what is  YOU……to  BUILD  on that and let the rest go.