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THE BIG BANG !!! By The Human Race

WHO or WHY???

WHO or WHY involves blame/shame or claim/fame.

It is a political finger pointing,  special interest groups opinion only.

It does nothing to solve problems.

It creates friction,  stress,  negative reactions and division between people.

When opinionated judgements war on each individual’s psyche,  time-energy-focus is stolen from constructive objectivity,  paramount to solution of mutually desirable outcomes to chronic problems.


WHAT and HOW???

WHAT:  is an action word requiring all people regardless of position,  status,  age,  sex,  education,  affiliation,  philosophy or view to unbiased work toward the most effective solution for all involved. 

It’s exploring the world of concrete and realistic options without blame/shame or claim/fame.

WHAT:  is primarily what we can do about the challenge at hand.

WHAT:  lays the responsibility for solution on every single individual involved in any dispute.

HOW:  is the specific steps we must take to bring about mutually acceptable results.

HOW:  is an objective,  impartial business plan.

When dealing with major issues on the U.S. or world diplomatic stage,  mediating,  integrating and motivating always toward a positive outcome brings harmony and peace to a troubled human race.

In conclusion,  this planet earth;  we  (7 Billion)  of us live on;  needs to focus on humility,  unselfish motives and determination to make life better for all souls.

Author/Doc Gene