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Terrorist torture continues its wrath in this United States Of America.

The act of destruction toward another human being or property is terrorism at its best.

Rape,  murder,  molesting children,   mental or physical abuse  are all crimes of terror and must be CHARGED  as  TERRORISM.

Wake Up America…or does your  ‘freedom’  or  ‘right to privacy’  get in the way.

This country is  ‘237 yrs’  old,  an infant that doesn’t seem to want to grow up.

Beware of the INEVITABLE…the most powerful force of our own creation. 

Author/Lane            www.motionOsis.com




200,000 BC, a discovery was made of the oldest component innate in all human beings.

Approximately 400BC, Socrates, Plato & Aristotle rediscovered it. In 420 BC, Hippocrates; Greek Physician known as the Father of Western Medicine; defined its mystery to be a permanent part of our human biology.

In 1968, Gene & Lane met Larry Lewis, who ran 5 miles a day, biked to and from work,

held a full time job as a waiter in the ST. Frances Hotel in San Francisco CA. Larry was ‘105 yrs old.’ He celebrated his ‘108 th’ birthday running 17 miles.

Throughout the next 43 yrs, Gene & Lane; Human Ecologists, husband & wife team; redefined the mystery through their research, field experimentation and clinical trials with over 20,000 clients which revealed the potent mystery built in to the physiology of every human being. Simultaneously they; themselves; became serious record breaking athletes of whom to this day hit the gym doing hard core work outs, 5 times a week.

In 1982 & 1983 the best selling book “Mind Matter Motion”/Your Animal Therapy In The

21st Century- A Philosophy & Lifestyle” was published. Considered mavericks ahead of their time, they unlocked the SECRETS of long ago where TODAY, “SASA” meets ‘Main Street USA’!

“SASA KIDS-8 To 108” invites YOU to join PARTY TIME FUN in the ‘National-Live-Prime Time-Traveling TV Talk Show.’ YOU, the audience, are the STARS of the show. Families, friends, businesses, community leaders, professionals, military, will interact with our ‘celebrity host’……Gene in an entertaining, educational, humorous, unrehearsed, non-script format.

“SASA SECRETS” can be yours when you become a “SASA KID” www.motionosis.com