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*YOU And ME*


     This is not a dictatorship……but a time of  TRUST  to learn how to  HELP  one another.  Each and every person is  SUPPORT  for the other persons,  a  SAFETY  NET  that must not ever leave any person stranded.



     Is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing,  it’s a matter of  HEARING  what the other person has to say.



     Because of our  DIFFERENCES,  we can raise the bar of our limitations and achieve  INTELLIGENCE.  The key is to  LISTEN  and be  WILLING  to settle for  COMMON  GROUND  that of which will make a better world.



     Are the windows of our  SOULS  that unlock the mysteries of who we really are.  They send us  signals of  HAPPY  or  HURT.   Remember  UGLINESS  is really  BEAUTY  crying out in pain.





    ” In order to be  HAPPY  from the inside out,  you’ve gotta get  HAPPY  from the outside in.”

I can’t stop  SMILING  because of  ‘Shadow Hills Dental Care’  of  Palm Desert California where  dental fears  become  SMILES n’ CHEERS!

I hold   responsible  Mr. & Mrs. Amir Aghaloo, who themselves are mighty special and who raised such an incredibly  gifted  family.

Their son:  Dr. Javad Aghaloo, DDS;  their daughter:  Dr. Tara Aghaloo, M.D.,  Assoc. Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at UCLA;  both who  evaluated  thoroughly my medical history and road mapped a master plan.   Dr. Tara Aghaloo  successfully  directed the plan and  skillfully  performed my implants.

Dr. Ben Javid, DDS  masterfully  performed the intricate filing of my teeth while Mary Brown; another professional; technically assisted in assuring my  constant comfort.  Dr. Javid   artistically  applied all crowns.  The  skilled detail of his labors  awards  him the  ‘Master Craftsman’  of his trade.

From start to finish……she took my hand.  Melissa Ortega;  Ofc Mgr and  skilled  technician;  who performed an array of professional skills in (x-rays, impressions, assistant to procedures, etc).  Her guidance  was extraordinary in both her  caring support  and technical performance.

FEARS  BE  GONE!   Daris, Internist,  A bright and bubbly  persona readily  greets  me at every appointment.  I’m feeling like I’m there on a  HOLIDAY!

Front Desk:  Angelica,  Nelly  and  Melissa  who each deserve the highest of marks for their  skillful  and  personable  methods  of handling the public.

AND  the pleasure of meeting  Dr. Bradley K. Silva, DDS  and Dr. Paul R. Kodet, DDS  who complete this  reputable staff.

Who wouldn’t  SMILE  after experiencing all this, then top it off with a  SPECTACULAR  LOOK !!!

NOW  everyday  is  a  HIGH  and  CELEBRATION  DAY  just like the  4th  Of  July !!!





LAUGH LAB – ! Special Announcement !

FOOLS  will  CEASE  to  EXIST  starting  APRIL 1st  2014 !!!             HAPPY  April Fools Day!!!




LAUGH LAB: ‘Recreational Marijuana In America’

I woke up this AM and I was so excited about life.  My ups and downs in the medicine cabinet are so obsolete,  they can now be thrown out.

As I look out over the beautiful landscape covered with trees,  flowering meadows,  flowing green grass,  a massive feeling of calm overcomes me.  The wind blows through my hair as I walk through paths of plants screaming greenery from their compelling odor.

To think that only yesterday I was stressed,  frustrated and didn’t know who I really was.  But today as I puff on my pipe,  all is well and I’m in a world where I don’t have to be concerned about most anything anymore.

I get in my car and drive thru town to get on the freeway where I notice how relaxed I am.  No worry about cars speeding,  cutting me off and danger doesn’t seem to faze me.

WOW……what a world of carefree living with not a hint of trouble.  WHOOPS……I almost missed that turn off……but no problem,  I’ll just cut over,  run up on the curve and get right back on the off ramp and just miss this car in front of me.  Hmmm,  I ran a red light and didn’t even hit anybody.  This marijuana is actually protecting me,  I’ve found a new way to live!!!

I park the car, go into the store and realize I forgot what I was there for to buy.  Not a problem,  the clerk helped me get some booze,  candy and gum.

Going back home I’m noticing lots of cars coming towards me.  How could this be?  Oh OK,  no problem……I’ll just make a U-turn in the middle of the freeway,  rather lucky didn’t hit anybody and I’m finally on my way back home.

WHOOPS……suddenly some car has cut in front of me,  happening so fast I can’t avoid this CRASH!!!……Still it could have been worse,  no one is hurt and we both have insurance. 

Now that I’m home I realize what I had forgotten,  my wife’s heart medicine.  All these things happened and where did the time go?  It was not a bad day,  just some close calls and a minor accident. 

Had to grab some more puffs as I lit up my pipe.  Like magic,  PEACE  was all over me.  Guess my homework will have to wait as I’m falling asleep in front of TV.  Some how I don’t really care,  I’ve found this friend and I am feeling okay.



*Thou Shalt buckle up in  HONOR  of those who have gone before us.

*Thou Shalt  REFRAIN  from asking a tourist for directions when lost.

*Thou Shalt  ADMIRE  those  ‘hands free motor mouths’  with the absence of others.

*Thou Shalt  SMILE  at the  ‘moron’  pumping gas while pointing to the warning sign that their cell phone could blow the whole station up.

*Thou Shalt wave  HAPPILY  at the ‘frantic lane changer’  who ends up waiting at the same stop before you do.

*Thou Shalt  JUMP  out of the car and start  ‘running in place’  while a police officer writes the speeding ticket.

*Thou Shalt  RESTRAIN  oneself from giving the  ‘super finger’  to the  ‘maniac’  who cuts them off in traffic.

*Thou Shalt not  HAUNT  the  ‘creep’  who kills you in a car accident.

*Thou Shalt  SAVOR  the moment while pulling out of a parking spot because this is when you’re the most loved.

*Thou Shalt  BLESS  the ground we drive on but  ‘pray’  every day we can stay above it and not below it.


Author/Lane      www.motionOsis.com