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IF  you  really  have  a  DOWN  DAY  and feel unmotivated……just  turn  on  the  TV  and  watch  some  commercials.

Out  of  shape  people  appear……JUST  TAKE  SOME  TESTOSTERONE……blares  across  the  screen  and  like  them  you’re  JUMPING  out  of  windows  because  now  you’re  UP  longer  than  down.

You  took  the  WRONG  PILL……(Cialis  or  Viagra)  and  how  did  you  end  up  in  that  strange  bedroom?  Suddenly  you  can  RUN  a  nonstop  WORLD  RECORD  just  to  find  your  way  back  home.  Bet  you  forgot  to  take  your  (tranquilizer)   or   (sleeping  pill)  instead.

WHAT  TO  DO……well  just  CHANGE  the  channel  and  hey  there’s  a couple  in  their  70’s  covered  with  grease  paint  to  look  like  their  in  their  30’s……but  who  cares  that’s  nothing!  Your  only  thought  is  DIVE  OUT  that  window  BUT  pointing  right  at  you  is  a  GUN  with  a  TERRORIST  on  the  other  end  of  it!

WHAT  TO  DO……GRAB  your  (heart medicine)  and offer  him  some.  QUICK……light  up  a  (marijuana  cigarette)  and  blow  a  SMOKE  SCREEN  so  you  can  crawl  over  your  (back  brace)  and  change  the  channel  to  football!

DON’T  WORRY……the  idiot  on  TV  can’t  see  you  as  you  wake  up  from  any  NIGHTMARES  and  find  yourself  on  the  MOON  instead  cause  you  fell short  trying  to  escape  to  MARS.

Ohhh……one  thing  I  forgot  to  tell you……that  knocking  on  your  door  right  now  is  the  FBI  who  monitored  your  phone  calls  and  emails.  BIG  BROTHER  also  confiscated  all your  confessions  on  social  networks……meaning  all of  this  constitutes  YOU’RE  UNDER  ARREST……and……you  never  left  the  HOUSE!!!

LAUGH LAB: ‘Recreational Marijuana In America’

I woke up this AM and I was so excited about life.  My ups and downs in the medicine cabinet are so obsolete,  they can now be thrown out.

As I look out over the beautiful landscape covered with trees,  flowering meadows,  flowing green grass,  a massive feeling of calm overcomes me.  The wind blows through my hair as I walk through paths of plants screaming greenery from their compelling odor.

To think that only yesterday I was stressed,  frustrated and didn’t know who I really was.  But today as I puff on my pipe,  all is well and I’m in a world where I don’t have to be concerned about most anything anymore.

I get in my car and drive thru town to get on the freeway where I notice how relaxed I am.  No worry about cars speeding,  cutting me off and danger doesn’t seem to faze me.

WOW……what a world of carefree living with not a hint of trouble.  WHOOPS……I almost missed that turn off……but no problem,  I’ll just cut over,  run up on the curve and get right back on the off ramp and just miss this car in front of me.  Hmmm,  I ran a red light and didn’t even hit anybody.  This marijuana is actually protecting me,  I’ve found a new way to live!!!

I park the car, go into the store and realize I forgot what I was there for to buy.  Not a problem,  the clerk helped me get some booze,  candy and gum.

Going back home I’m noticing lots of cars coming towards me.  How could this be?  Oh OK,  no problem……I’ll just make a U-turn in the middle of the freeway,  rather lucky didn’t hit anybody and I’m finally on my way back home.

WHOOPS……suddenly some car has cut in front of me,  happening so fast I can’t avoid this CRASH!!!……Still it could have been worse,  no one is hurt and we both have insurance. 

Now that I’m home I realize what I had forgotten,  my wife’s heart medicine.  All these things happened and where did the time go?  It was not a bad day,  just some close calls and a minor accident. 

Had to grab some more puffs as I lit up my pipe.  Like magic,  PEACE  was all over me.  Guess my homework will have to wait as I’m falling asleep in front of TV.  Some how I don’t really care,  I’ve found this friend and I am feeling okay.


LAUGH LAB: I Wanna My Marijuana !!!

“I wanna my marijuana legal or illegal.”  The name of this game is dependency. Thousands of ‘social addictions’  surround any drug.

Don’t be a SAP caught taking a NAP……you’re in a TRAP!  The choice is yours,  either MD’s (medical docs) or DD’s (drug dealers).

Go ahead……graduate to harder drugs and join 28.5 million BRAIN DRAINED Americans age 12+.  Still in DENIAL……so was seat belts,  alcohol and smoking.

Wanna get off the HOOK,  only those with debilitating diseases.  SOLUTION:  “Addiction Is Not A Problem,  It’s A Process.”  Use it or abuse it.

Meet “SASA” and get your QUICK FIX with “SASA FLASH.”

STOP your psychosis,  START new neurosis,  GO motionOsis.


LAUGH LAB: “I Wanna My Marijuana!

I wanna my marijuana legal or illegal.  The name of this game is dependency. Thousands of  ‘social addictions’  surround any drug.

Don’t be a SAP caught taking a NAP……you’re in a TRAP!  The choice is yours, either MD’s (medical docs) or DD’s (drug dealers).

Go ahead, graduate to harder drugs & join 28.5 million  BRAIN DRAINED Americans age 12+.  Still in DENIAL……so was seat belts, alcohol & smoking.

Wanna get off the hook, only those with debilitating diseases.  SOLUTION:  “Addiction Is Not A Problem, It’s A Process.”  Use it or abuse it.

Meet “SASA”  & get your QUICK FIX !

STOP your psychosis, START new neurosis, GO motionOsis.