LAUGH LAB: I Wanna My Marijuana !!!

“I wanna my marijuana legal or illegal.”  The name of this game is dependency. Thousands of ‘social addictions’  surround any drug.

Don’t be a SAP caught taking a NAP……you’re in a TRAP!  The choice is yours,  either MD’s (medical docs) or DD’s (drug dealers).

Go ahead……graduate to harder drugs and join 28.5 million BRAIN DRAINED Americans age 12+.  Still in DENIAL……so was seat belts,  alcohol and smoking.

Wanna get off the HOOK,  only those with debilitating diseases.  SOLUTION:  “Addiction Is Not A Problem,  It’s A Process.”  Use it or abuse it.

Meet “SASA” and get your QUICK FIX with “SASA FLASH.”

STOP your psychosis,  START new neurosis,  GO motionOsis.