‘To Tar And Feather A Black President Who Is Half White’

MENTAL ILLNESS drives this MADNESS in the media, the political parties, the many in main street USA.

The 2014 ‘State Of The Union Address’  delivered intelligently, so passionately yet eloquently by our President of this United States, brought again his ‘breath of fresh air’ to a stagnant political system.

Never in our history have destructive forces of DISCRIMINATION been so livid in the total disrespect shown by opposing sources toward a ‘Black Man’ who reigns in the ‘White House,’ who holds the highest office in the land.

YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE……and I wonder what your religion teaches you,  what kind of mentality you must have,  how indifferent you must be toward others,  how totally oblivious you are to comprehending caring or kindnesses???

This road you travel wreaks with medieval evils of the past in misjudging and crucifying a ‘Black Man’ who is ‘half White’……a man who has risen above the highest expectations against insurmountable odds and you turn against him.  I DARE YOU to walk in his shoes!

HISTORY AGAIN REPEATS ITSELF!  President Barack Obama has CHANGED HISTORY just by being there let alone his relentless pursuit to make America a stronger greater place.

Thank God there are Americans who meet him more than half way……and I am one.

Lane Tech