LAUGH LAB: ‘CONGRESS’……The Real Academy Awards!

AND……the winner is???   Those political  ‘Disneyland on the Potomac Puppets’  with their $5000. suits,  face lifts,  bouffant hairdos  and motor mouths.

The stage is set,  lights…action…camera  and undying intellectual dialog.  The look good,  sound good,  soap opera drama is so captivating,  so entertaining that millions of Americans are hooked again.

The game plays out salaries $182,000+,  benefits,  pensions,  superior health care while WE THE PEOPLE  pay the bill.  Public servants you say?  Open door policy?  Transparency?  NONE exists and STRIKE 3 YOUR OUT!!!  But whose out……WE ARE!  We pay,  they lay……down on the job that is.

AND the answer is……all public servants hereby undergo the  MMPI Psychological Test.  Shorten careers to ONE term.  Slash salaries to the minimum wage.  Reward efforts by points for perks. Swear in to unselfishly serve the people,  swear out what could and couldn’t be done.

In other words folks,  we gotta  STOP their psychosis…START new neurosis…GO motionOsis.