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    ” In order to be  HAPPY  from the inside out,  you’ve gotta get  HAPPY  from the outside in.”

I can’t stop  SMILING  because of  ‘Shadow Hills Dental Care’  of  Palm Desert California where  dental fears  become  SMILES n’ CHEERS!

I hold   responsible  Mr. & Mrs. Amir Aghaloo, who themselves are mighty special and who raised such an incredibly  gifted  family.

Their son:  Dr. Javad Aghaloo, DDS;  their daughter:  Dr. Tara Aghaloo, M.D.,  Assoc. Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at UCLA;  both who  evaluated  thoroughly my medical history and road mapped a master plan.   Dr. Tara Aghaloo  successfully  directed the plan and  skillfully  performed my implants.

Dr. Ben Javid, DDS  masterfully  performed the intricate filing of my teeth while Mary Brown; another professional; technically assisted in assuring my  constant comfort.  Dr. Javid   artistically  applied all crowns.  The  skilled detail of his labors  awards  him the  ‘Master Craftsman’  of his trade.

From start to finish……she took my hand.  Melissa Ortega;  Ofc Mgr and  skilled  technician;  who performed an array of professional skills in (x-rays, impressions, assistant to procedures, etc).  Her guidance  was extraordinary in both her  caring support  and technical performance.

FEARS  BE  GONE!   Daris, Internist,  A bright and bubbly  persona readily  greets  me at every appointment.  I’m feeling like I’m there on a  HOLIDAY!

Front Desk:  Angelica,  Nelly  and  Melissa  who each deserve the highest of marks for their  skillful  and  personable  methods  of handling the public.

AND  the pleasure of meeting  Dr. Bradley K. Silva, DDS  and Dr. Paul R. Kodet, DDS  who complete this  reputable staff.

Who wouldn’t  SMILE  after experiencing all this, then top it off with a  SPECTACULAR  LOOK !!!

NOW  everyday  is  a  HIGH  and  CELEBRATION  DAY  just like the  4th  Of  July !!!