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‘WHO or WHY’ versus ‘WHAT and HOW’ !

IF you follow the blame game  you will forever frustrate,  stress and block your own path to excellence.  The WHO is to blame and  WHY  may never be answered.

You are joining millions of others who listen to the  motor mouth media,  news casters,  commentators,  who slant the news out of context with opinionated twisted dialog and propaganda.  93%  negative makes for higher ratings and BIG BUCKS!

Further accommodating the news are the  politicians who hold America hostage via their illegal monopoly called  republican & democrat  who are infamous for their distortion of the facts merely to fit their own agendas.

What does all this leave?  7% positive about  ‘Ma & Pa’  who work and struggle everyday to put food on the table and a roof over their head for their families.  That means veterans, seniors, minorities, children and those who sacrifice for the benefit of the world and who are hardly ever on prime time news.

SO  what’s the answer to this worldwide problem which leaves us  angry and depressed,  that leads us down the road to nowhere?

WHAT & HOW !!!  That means  what  are we going to do about it and  how  are we going to do it.  Problems  were mean’t to be solved.  The challenge lies in what each one of us is going to do to bring about solution.

We’re talking a personal responsibility we all must  share.  Once we define the real problem  (WHAT),  we are more than half way there.  Now comes the  (HOW),  the steps to change  problems to solutions. 

There is no change in  ‘who & why’  only in  WHAT & HOW.  We have not progressed from a world of wars,  destruction and discrimination,  to one of peace and harmony.  The path to  utopia lies in the ability and positive action each human can bring to this planet we all live on.

Let’s answer  WHAT  we can do and  HOW  we can work together to make it happen.

Author: Doc Gene