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LAUGH LAB: “Natural NO CUT Brain Surgery”

*Today’s new invasive brain surgery using well known and respected technology has replaced an ancient procedure actually discovered in prehistoric times.  The  ‘AhUghUM’  group;  who at that time had no medical experience;  communicated by  ‘grunts & snorts’  while getting the job done.  Yet despite the lack of scientific validity and medical doctors during  ‘2500 BC’  the art and science of non invasive  ‘Natural No Cut Brain Surgery’  was  BORN.

*As ancient civilization grew into a more modern society,  education got into the act,  sophisticated medicine flourished and  “Natural No Cut Brain Surgery’  was  OUSTED!  Today millions do not,  will not,  or simply dismiss the value of its past breakthrough findings.

*Now with all the scientific proof,  brilliant minds,  geniuses,  technical advances,  leaders and teachers,  most of the general population fails to utilize this  ‘Natural No Cut Brain Surgery.’


*OK……here comes the most unbelievable answer to your questions.  Let’s take the cost.  ARE  YOU  READY???

IT’S  FREE……NO COST……NO $$$……NO  CATCHES……NO  CON!  And it works 100% of the time with  NO  SIDE  EFFECTS,  NO REHAB.

*Let me hear that again……you say you’re not buying?  So go ahead,  read all the good books,  get an education,  talk with authorities,  become a walking encyclopedia,  listen to promoters and pay $1000’s  for their expert advice.  NOTHING  over centuries has or will ever  CHANGE  the absolute effectiveness of   ‘Natural  No  Cut  Brain  Surgery.’ 

READY  OR  NOT……here’s the  ANSWER:  Just take that  HEADSET  atop your shoulders……plug it into a  QUIET PLACE……tune into that  GRAY MATTER……and  THINK !!!!!!


Author/Doc Gene            www.motionOsis.com



“MIND  MATTER MOTION”…………Throughout my life I have learned to appreciate this existence through the internal and external teachings of  ‘mind’  ‘matter’  and  ‘motion.’  From these universal principles awakened an insight for me wherein exists a world of depth,  never ending in wealth and enrichment of spirit.

Human beings I have come to know as a natural phenomena of most amazing sorts for we have shared the paths of grief and glory.  Man, woman and child constitute a uniqueness somewhat elusive in character which I care to define as being  Mind-Matter-Motion……the unique  ‘intelligence.’

This intelligence is time and cannot be measured as it is a growing thing.  You need only to look around you to see the intricacies which balance the scales in all of nature’s living things.  A flower completes its experience from seed to bloom only through the process that takes place with the passing of time.  Animals possessing instinct need time to master their built in set of tools.  Humankind, an even greater network of complexities must combine a balance within of mind, body and spirit.  The origin of all things is a continuing process of change as a rolling stone reshapes and refines its material over the vast span of time.

What possible testing or judgement could determine the inner destiny of what is always a beginning?  How could the depth or breadth of character be accurately weighed before life’s hurdles passed over, enroute in the course of living.  To capture the meaning of intelligence through any means would be to question a wave born of the sea, weaned about the jagged cliffs, breaking into endless spray or to account for every grain of sand upon a beach.  No……we can only know fleetingly the moment which slips away into inevitable disguise, becoming something more.

What then is INTELLIGENCE but the INFINITE WHOLE,  ‘ONENESS’……humankind down to their individual contribution of self.  Then who be this self but a unique being molded with the ingredients of all things,  insignificant within its size in number,  yet greatly significant in its presence and purpose of meaning.

Man, woman and child are linked together in a mixture of molecules and mystery,  uncertain in their destiny through the movement of life giving processes.  MIND does not die,  MATTER momentarily disorganizes from whence it becomes reorganized,  MOTION is the act of becoming inevitably something more.

In this moment I am focusing my being upon mind and matter, the vehicles of process propelled by the expression of motion, so vital in discovering and defining my identity.  Journeying within this moment I am sensing earth and space with great intensity as the activity of life and living burst all around me.           HAPPY EASTER!

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            Book: “Mind Matter Motion”