There are two worlds paralleling one another,  the ‘physical world’ and the ‘non physical world.’  We need to pursue the ‘bridge’ between the physical ‘life’ and non physical ‘death.’

We are ‘chemical beings’ stimulated by energy.  Although our brains are primitive,  when certain areas are stimulated,  we respond to the unknown.  It is well studied how persons who have passed away return to us many times over the years acting as guides or transmitting urgent information.  The phenomenon of non physical beings materializing during early morning hours when the earth is damp with moisture, coincides with the magnetic field.

The bridge between worlds is experienced during OBE’S  (out of body experiences),  visions,  dreams,  etc; happening to millions of people and why because we are already wired to rediscover these inner worlds. 

Scientists are seeking external worlds,  when ‘Sensitives’ are projecting from inner worlds.  Science needs to focus on the energy fields of dying persons and following their passing.  Our physical instruments which attempt to measure  ‘parapsychology’  is  ‘archaic.’  The human brain is the only instrument possible to do the measuring when stimulated.

The mistake we make is attempting to duplicate ourselves when there are ‘higher planes.’  It is vital to make this connection between ‘both worlds’  which are in reality  ONE WORLD.

The ‘galactic’ trip lures us into the ‘cosmos.’  Our challenge is not just out there but right here on ‘earth’  to master this act for the making of  better worlds to come.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com