WAKE  UP  and understand how the  ‘complacency’  of our ‘political supremacy’  continues to bury us alive in spite of   (Pearl Harbor…Oklahoma Bombing…Twin Towers…Boston Marathon Bombing)  all of which  SHOCKED  yet numbed our nation.  It took the  SUICIDE  BOMBING  of our  AMERICA’S  HEARTLAND  to  WAKE  UP  AMERICA!!!


Is it enough of a lesson here to make it a priority to clean up our act at home as well as abroad?  The greatest  CRIME  of all time is the  CRY OF OUR VETERANS.  The thousands who died for our freedom and those who survived still suffering from total neglect.   

Has our  ‘tolerance’  of  ‘crime’  running rampant in our streets,  ‘corruption’  in our governments,  ‘inhumane acts’  against our own peoples,  knit the very fabric of our society?

Do we want the  ‘FOOLS HAVE FORGOTTEN’  to be our  ‘theme song’  instead of the  RED-WHITE & BLUE?  When will our  ‘narcissism’  ever give way to a constructive integration of differences. 

‘America’  it’s okay to celebrate your hopes and dreams,  your best of intentions,  but it is  UNFORGIVABLE  to turn your backs on your own people,  your own problems for decades which could have made the difference today.

We have a choice ‘to be or not to be’  buried in the rubble of our own  ‘complacency.’  IS  THIS  HOW WE  HONOR  OUR  ‘VETERANS’?

MEMORIAL  HOLIDAY  was not a holiday for our troops and loved ones,  it was literally  D – DAY!!!         In memory of these brave souls,  let’s each pay our  ‘respects by helping’  one another not just in the  ‘bad times,’   but especially in the  ‘good times.’   What greater gift could be given to our ‘Vets.’  

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith                        www.motionOsis.com