Is there any greater moment to witness in life then to feel within one’s self,  the light of  GROWTH?

Throughout time we go plodding along in a routine of staleness,  seemingly not to progress in any particular direction.  Then suddenly born from those  ‘few extra steps taken’  there is covered a milestone along our course.

Obviously enough it is advertised all around us,  if we only care to  ‘see or hear’  it.

In the  ANIMAL  KINGDOM  is there anything displayed more  ‘spirited’  as a  ‘horse race.’  Each time their noses touch that starting gate,  they know to  ‘give’  their all around that track.  Each time as though it were the last,  brand new in ‘courage and stamina,’   excited with another chance to try,  for this moment  ‘marks’  the road of  ‘life’  ahead.  

In the  PLANT KINGDOM  has anything displayed more  ‘faithfulness’  in showing up every time regardless of the weather.  I’ve seen a small  ‘tree sprout buds’  of greenery before my very eyes during the middle of a late  ‘snow storm,’  because it was April and time for Spring.

All the  LIVING THINGS   have a job to do and busy themselves  ‘doing’  it,  fulfilling their  ‘purpose.’

NOTICE  those  HUMAN BEINGS  who stand idly by,  scratching their heads in wonderment of the endless successes of others,  without realizing that they are  ‘spending and squandering’  their own time as the wealthy spend their money.

HOW  often does a  ‘human cry’  out from  ‘wishful thinking’  if they could only  ‘turn back’  the wheels of time.  An outright confession of their own guilt in wasting time.

THINK  about the  ‘brave souls’  struggling for their lives in hospitals or the driving forging living spirit throughout the fierce battle field of  ‘war’  or international  ‘sports.’ 

WHY  never before such importance until those moments……that  FIGHT  to  WIN!!!

Just try to imagine;  taking into consideration the brief moments of our existence;  that if all efforts and enthusiasm were found to be important and practiced each day,  adding to this  ‘alertness and awareness’  of the world and those around us,  what fantastic  ‘transformation’  of our lives could occur.

The  FIRST STEP  starts with your  ‘mind’  and the altering of  ‘attitudes.’   Vital in importance is to discover what  ‘mental food’  you are feeding yourself that might come under the dangerous label of ‘mental poisoning.’  

Take  a second  LOOK  around,  what more living  ‘proof’  is needed to convince you.

There are so many things to cover,  roads to travel through ‘life’s journey.’   Life is full and all around you,  bursting forth with ‘invitation’  awaiting your ‘participation.’  What tragedy befalls those who travel life’s paths harboring indifference as their companion.

ONE CAN and must  SEE  the  ‘beauty’  in things.  Put forth their  ‘efforts’  to fulfill their meaning and rightful ‘purpose.’  

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com