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Ever stand real still next to a bubbling  ‘stream’  or lean against a  ‘tree’?

You can sense a definite  ‘purpose’  there because everything in  ‘nature’  has a plan and you can almost feel it at work.

The same for a  ‘human being’  if they would only be still inside long enough to  ‘listen’  for it.

Seems that the  first half’   of  life is  ‘blown’   spending a fortune we don’t even have.  The  ‘second half’  is ‘saving’  a lost than found treasure, the most valuable of all.

If you’ve done alot of living……you cease being an authority.


Author: Elaine Neihardt Smith                        www.motionOsis.com



There is a  JOY  in living.  In order to experience complete joy,  ’emotions’  in many departments need be ‘felt.’

There is a  WHOLENESS  achieved unlike anything else……and only arrived at after the feeling of these varied  ‘experiences.’

I believe that  PAIN  is one of our  ‘greater teachers.’  Not in the literal sense of inflicting injury upon another……but through one’s own individual self as in the ‘sacrifice’  of the ‘careless self’   through the acts of  ‘discipline and reason.’

The ability to  DEVELOP  to our  ‘maximum capabilities’  is what determines the depth of the dimension.

Just to be a human is most remarkable.  A  ‘living,  breathing,  thinking’  BEING  that has no limitations until one creates them.

The many things there are before us and each equipped with the  ‘basic tools’  to explore them.

Surely then it is to be thought that all  SHARE  the same thing in  ‘common.’  Each owning an individual responsibility to the task of further developing us……a  MASS CONTRIBUTION  toward ‘humankind.’    

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com


What a wonderful thing called  LIFE  that comes but  ONCE  in the form of your own lifetime.

The wonders of  LIVING  are thriving all around you and what great pity if they be ignored.

A ‘city’ becomes a ‘robot’ because of its independence of one another.  The ‘country’ has a ‘heart’ that reaches out and touches all its dwellings as if they were under one roof.

To be in contact with  NATURE  brings more of ourselves to the surface which otherwise would be isolated or smothered.

The simple ‘basic things’ are still the ‘surviving things’ that must be expressed or starvation sets in creating the need and desire for substitutes.

Living  POSITIVELY  demands increased alertness and awareness in the ‘preparations of things.’  To strive towards any goal and stumble or fall,  is a far difference to careless blundering which paves the way down a negative path.

This ‘world’ is an  INVESTMENT  which adds or subtracts to our own ends.

The FINE  ART of  LIVING  requires our own CONTRIBUTION  of  SELF  in its entirety.

Author/Elaine Neihardt Smith            www.motionOsis.com